Ministries and Auxilliaries 

Deacon Ministry

Deacon Randy Davis (Rest in Peace)

Deacon Nathan Friend (Rest in Peace)

Deacon Percy White (Rest in Peace)

Deacon Charlie Richardson

Deacon Charles Barlow

Deacon Ollie Boone

Deacon Levi Clemons

Deacon Robert Davis

Deacon Joe Edward

Deacon Archie Wardrick (Rest in Peace)

Deacon Mathias A. Overton

Deaconess Ministry

Deaconess Rachel Gee

Deaconess Pattie Friend

Deaconess Angela Barlow

Deaconess Audrey Copeland (Rest in Peace)

Deaconess Charlene Thomas

Deaconess Eve Moore

Deaconess Earlene Taylor

Deaconess Viola Cobbs

Deaconess Corrine Davis

Deaconess Lula Bell Davis

Deaconess Angela Hardy

Deaconess Alease Jones

Deaconess Evelyn Morrisette

Deaconess Mary Richardson (Rest in Peace)

Deaconess Angela Russell

Deaconess Brenda Overton

Trustee Board

Trustee Byron Lawrence

Trustee Howard Copeland

Trustee Melvin Copeland

Trustee Randy Davis (Rest in Peace)

Trustee Kirby Dixon

Trustee Clarence Johnson

Trustee Deby Jones

Trustee Thomas Ralph

Trustee Ruth Rawls

Trustee Don Smith

Finance Committee

Please contact Trustee Don Smith for details.

Board of Christian Education/                     Russell - Roberts Scholarship Ministry

Deaconess Eve Moore

Deaconess Angela Russell

Sister Virginia Gaines

Deacon Archie Wardrick (Rest in Peace)

Reverend William Russell

Sister Mary Anderson

Deacon Ollie Boone

Brother William Gaines 

Sister Denise Wardrick

Sunday School

Deacon Ollie Boone, Superintendent

Martha Patillo Missionary Circle

Sister Laura Stewart, President

Deaconess Pattie Friend, Vice-President

Sister Virginia Gaines, Secretary

Sister Mary Anderson, Finance Secretary

Deaconess Alease Jones, Assistant Finance Secretary

Please contact Sister Laura Stewart for details.

New Hope Praise Dance Ministry

Ages 6 & Up, please contact Sister Mary Anderson for details.

Junior Praise Dancers - Founded 2007

Ages 2 - 10, please contact Sister Tabetha "Pinky" Davis for details.

Friday Night Youth Ministry

Ages 3 & up (for the young and young at heart), please contact Sister Mary Anderson or Sister Rosa Brown for details.

Young Male Ministry

Deacon Nathan Friend, Mentor (Rest in Peace)

Trustee Deby Jones, Mentor

Brother William Askew

Brother Kori Lambert


The mission of the Young Male Ministry is to bring about social, physical, emotional, and spiritual growth through the nurturing of young males ages ten to twenty-one.    The ministry will instruct these young men through ways that will show them how to be mentally strong, physically productive, and educated in the word of God.   This will provide a way to understand God's plan for young men through socialization, bible study and fellowship, with the guidance of elder male mentors within the church, in order to become strong adult males, positive citizens, and good Christians.

Ages 9 - 21, please contact Trustee Deby Jones for Details.

Family and Friends Day Ministry

Deacon Charles Barlow

Sister Nanie Chappell

Brother Billy Dixon

Trustee Kirby Dixon

Deaconess Rachel Gee

Sister Choi Gee

Sister Vanessa Marshall

Sister Wendy Robinson

Brother Phil Bostic

Sister Donyette Smith

Sister Carlene Wilson

Trustee Don Smith

Women's Day Ministry


Senior Fest Ministry

Deaconess Eve Moore, Chairperson

Sister Beverly Vandross, Vice-Chairperson

Reverend Dr. William E. Russell, Pastor

"Seniors on the move from where we are to where we should be". 

Enjoy trips, exercise, fun & games, balanced meals, intellectual, spiritual, civic, & cultural activities.  Certified Member of American Heart Association and American Diabetic Association.

Floral Ministry

Deaconess Mary Richardson, President (Rest in Peace)

Sister Zenobia Gillis, Vice-President

Brother William Askew

Deaconess Pattie Friend

Please contact Deaconess Mary Richardson for details.

Culinary Ministry

Deaconess Eve Moore, Chairperson

Sister Wendy Dixon, Vice-Chairperson

Trustee Howard Copeland

Sister Val Jean DeLoatch

Trustee Kirby Dixon

Sister Brittany Hillman

Deaconess Angela Russell

Trustee Don Smith

Sister Adrienne Woodard

Sister Beverly Vandross

Brother Clinton Vandross

The Culinary Ministry was formed in 1997.  The purpose of the Culinary Ministry is:

1)  To ensure that the kitchen is managed efficiently and in Christian order.

2)  To provide a relaxed atmosphere and Christian fellowship in the kitchen and dining area.

3)  To ensure that the kitchen staff is familiar with current health and safety rules of food handling and preparation.

4)  To coordinate, organize, prepare, and serve a quality, nutritious meal to the bereaved family, out-of-town guests, and friends after church funerals.


New Hope Baptist Church Audio Team

Brother Phil Bostic

Brother Willie Wilkins

Brother Charles Wilson


Brother Eric Moore, Organist

Brother William Askew, Drummer

Brother Tony Griffin, Drummer


Ages 3 - 12, please contact Sister Mary Anderson for details.


Please contact Trustee Kirby Dixon for details.


Brother William Dixon Jr., President

Brother William Gaines, Vice President

Brother Emmanuel Hawks, Secretary

Sister Virginia Gaines, Assistant Secretary

Sister Carolyn Shedrick, Finance Secretary

Sister Mary Anderson, Assistant Finance Secretary

Sister Hattie Ralph, Treasurer

Deacon Archie Wardrick, Chaplain (Rest in Peace)

Please contact Brother William Dixon Jr., Mass Choir President, for details.

Usher Ministries

SUNSHINE USHERS - Ages 3 - 12, please contact Sister Mary Anderson or Sister Rosa Brown for details.

YOUNG ADULT USHERS - Ages 12 & up, please contact Sister Mary Anderson or Sister Rosa Brown for details.