History of Family and Friends Day

In 1995, New Hope Baptist Church was able to witness the fruition of the vision of one of our dearest members, Sister Charlotte Smith.  Sister Smith envisioned a day where everyone would be able to fellowship not only in the morning service, but also together in the form of a picnic.  She organized and executed her idea with the very first "Family and Friends Day".  Unfortunately, Sister Smith was not able to organize the second year due to her untimely death.  Her natural and spiritual family pledged to continue with her vision.  Sister Charlotte Smith was a hardworking, dedicated Christian Woman.

Some families endure and thrive in spite of any crisis while others fall apart over little more than the stress of everyday life.  What do these families have that others do not?  What is the recipe for family happiness?  Helen Steiner Rice once said, 

"It takes a lot of praying and

a devoted husband and wife

To keep God ever present

in their happy family life!"

 "Praying Family"

Painting by Artist Unknown

While there is really no "secret recipe" for family happiness, faith in God helps hold a family together.  Enhance you family's strength - bring your family and friends to church and worship the Lord together! 

You'll be glad you did!


Family & Friends Day Ministry