We're stone carving manufacturer. HOT SALE: Stone Bathtubs,Stone Fountains,Custom Stone Tubs

  •  Our Company Slogan is : We do Small but Beautiful work ! We provide Professional Personality Services!  For you ! just For you!

  • Hi,I am Jack Gao, A new Factory Manager. Yes, The Old Factory Manager is my Father. I graduated from Collage since 2007. At that time , My old man running the stone caving manufacturer for 5 years , the sculptors and my old man had made lots of stone carving projects for all over the world. 
  • Then they meet financial crisis in the year 2008. That Crisis kills many distributors and brand company which order stone carving products (like stone bathtubs, stone fountains natural stone tubs,travertine bathtubs custom stone tubs rock tub) from us. But Factory is factory, we can't fire our sculptors, they have to work for living. so we begin to change our factory from OEM factory to an Personality Company. we named it : NEW HOME STONE LIMITED.
  • Our clients group is changing. from a talent designer to a beautiful housewife or a collage student!  Anyone like Stone Carving Art products or Garden Sculptures Stone Bathtubs  could get something from us. Even you only need a small stone statues , our sculptors will carve for you !  

  • Then we solve the shipping issue.  Now we can delivery your unique stone sculpture (stone bathtubs, stone fireplace,large stone fountain) directly to your home address no matter you are in USA or any other place int he world!  Then we know a word: B2C. I think maybe we are . 
  • After all these years hard working ! New Home Stone company is the best stone carving manufacturer in China,  We have the most talent sculptors and services teams. All of our clients are satisfied by our work! we are so proud of our reputation among the clients reviews. 

  • If  you have questions about our products, like how to buy a stone bathtubs? How to ship stone fountain? How much is a stone baths? please email us or visit our stone bathtubs websites.