Don't hate the players. Hate the games.

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I like games. I like riddles. I like things which make me think, make me look at things differently, or let me gradually unravel some conundrum and stitch the pieces together until it all makes sense. Given my line of work, this is all very fortunate.

The best riddles I know

These are the most interesting stumpers I've run across, some of which I tried to puzzle through well before I received my current exhaustive training in the logical arts. It'll help if you can think logically, and a lot of the time you have to come up with a particularly clever solution. Check it out here.


My Favorite Video Games

After years spent invested in the field, I feel it's finally time to pass on my knowledge to future generations of gamers. What follows are the finest fruits I have plucked from the eternal orchard of gaming, to be harvested by you, gentle reader. Go forth and partake.

My Writings about Games

I've written a couple papers on adventure games and done some reviews in the area which are summed up here. I've written a stand-alone piece on video game music, and one on fairness and balance in games.

Liar's Dice

The dice game played in Pirates of the Caribbean 2. I wrote up an article on it a few days after seeing the movie, and transcribed the dice game not long after that. Thousands of people have been forced to turn to this very page to figure out what on earth was going on.


Some interesting online games 

Other stuff

Loosely related topics I'm working on include the Gambling and Oddsarticle from the Math and Logic page.