Santa Returns to New Haven on SATURDAY, Dec. 17, 2016!

*This site will be updated on occasion--check back for new information!*

Where in the world can you find a gaggle of Santa Clauses (in a dogpile), some good Sant-maritans, all the reindeer and ... the Wu-Tang Clan?!

Why, at Santacon New Haven

The 9th annual  
Santacon is coming to town!

Join us on Dec. 17, 2016 as we imbibe and spread holiday cheer throughout the streets of the Elm City (and maybe do a few good deeds along the way), going from State Street to Whitney Avenue to the New Haven Green to downtown and beyond.

First stop will again be: 10 AM @ a location to be announced December 16th for breakfast and beverages. We'll visit several other restaurants and watering holes throughout the day. End time is ... whatever you want it to be! 

Rules of New Haven Santacon
1. Be merry! Nobody wants to party with a cranky or angry or mean Santa Claus.

2. Come in full costume! Be dressed as Santa, or an elf, or a reindeer, or a dreidel, or...

3. Be respectful! No destruction of property, physical violence, or making kids cry, no matter how tipsy you are. Remember, one Bad Elf can ruin someone's holiday.

4. Bring your ID and cash! Sorry, but if you're underage, you can't drink with us. Please also remember to tip your bartenders and servers.

5. Be safe! Remember, Santa don't drink and ... guide the sleigh. Bring a Designated Sleigh-er--or, better yet, take a cab, bike, or walk.

6. Sing Christmas carols on command.  New Haven Reindeer of What's on Tap will be caroling, Boom Box Santa is gonna break it DOWN and Bagpipe Santa is sure to bring the plaid and the pipes...Not to be missed!

Q. There's a snowstorm a-comin? Is Santacon still happening?
A. Hell yeah! There was a snowstorm one year but did it stop the faithful (75 strong!)? No way! Santacon is ON! Just make sure you dress warmly, with lots of layers.

Q. Is there a schedule or route that you can post?
A. Hell no! Come at the start or call your elvish friends who are there. Though, in the words of Santa Ben, if you can't start drinking at 10 a.m., you shouldn't be drinking.

Q. Is there going to be food along the way?
A. Yes! Some free, some not. Please pace yourself and eat regularly.

Q. Can I just wear a Santa hat?
A. No. If you do, you will look like a loser. And we will mock you incessantly. You gotta come in full costume!

Q. Who else is coming?
A. Other than Kris Kringle? Does it matter? Visit our Event page on Facebook to see the guest list.

Where to Buy Costumes

Party City in Orange
Party City in Hamden
Perfect Party in Branford

Questions, Comments, or Suggestions?
Email us at!

What is Santacon?
For Santacon history, global dates and locations, etc. check out Santarchy,, and the Santa Con tribe. We were also covered by local newspapers last year--check out one of the articles here.

Ho ho ho!!!

*The Wu-Tang Clan partied with some of our Santas in 2008. We can't promise that they'll show up at this year's event though.