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06 Questions


Do you think your team is going to have what it takes to find its way to the secret Cluefest party this year? Get out your New Haven map and the yellow pages, and try solving these riddles based on the courses from previous years. Answers on the next page.

First warm up with some easy ones:

1. It's not a restaurant, but you can get almost anything you want here, excepting Alice.

2. New Haven's coolest combination public art gallery/bus stop. To get this one right, you'll have to know a lot about the latest in New Haven.

3. Formerly the Clean Team's main headquarters, this is the cornercopia for souvenirs, memorabilia, and info on New Haven.

4. It's the oldest clip joint in the state.

5. The maddest hatter in New England.

Now, see if you can solve the most devilish Cluefest riddles from the last couple years: 

6. It is my statue, not my fort.

I am famous for my retort.

My regret was that I could not give two.

If you love the colonies you'll know what to do.

I stand outside the oldest hall.

Come and join our state's call.

7. Beneath one Q and above another.

When they pass I'm torn asunder.

In the shadow of a grander span

I'll get you there, oh yes, I can.

When construction comes I'll reign first in the ranks.

You'll come to love my neighbors the tanks.

Dinos out. Fossil in.

Look out for signs and turn right in.

8. Deep within the pizza square

The art that hangs has no compare.

Number 61, come 'round the rear.

There is a mane on this street here.

Off the street that you can eat,

The rum you'll get will be a treat.

9. The newest addition to the Gebreyesus crew.

Choose your path and it'll lead you through.

Cathedral of sweat. Downing your cups.

Buying a book. Or down on your luck.

We'll catch you like our favorite Met.

Hurry to the party, don't be out of step.

10. Come on up and get your piece.

This eden: supported by Chez Panisse.

Reach down into the dirt and get your munchies.

This place is not just for the crunchy.

The students here work without fee,

And they don't use DDT.

Compost, peas, and sweet bok choi

Here is where we grow your joy.

Between God and science middle ground,

Where organic yummies can be found.

11. Whalley, Goffe and Dixwell

Didn't think that George was swell.

Up the summit they all fled

To avoid the behead.

12. They got burgers, hotdogs, grinders.

At this Plutocrat-named diner.

Cross the bridge to your goal.

One pancake stack for all.

Bring the check to the next location

Or else you'll experience deep fried frustration.

13. Owned by a company with its very own font.

This home belonged to James Pierpont.

Go find the monkey in the back,

of this New Haven's oldest shack.

14. Beyond the strippers, sculpted wood;

Point your nose to the Latino hood.

Hippies, homies, yuppies, and your boys

Buy your tchotchkes, Eames chairs and toys.

This clue is not meant to daunt.

Go to where Soho meets Vermont.

15. After the Governors toke their fill,

they trip right over to the Mighty Mill.

Cottonmouth seeks my rusty pipe.

I live in weeds, so what's your gripe?

A weepy cold spring wells from the deep.

At the base of the Rock do I seep.

16. Got the tricks and got mad skillz?

Only Hawk good nuff to pay the billz.

Freestyle biking, ride the rail.

B-boy here or skate off your tail.

Illegal outside, now chill with Park & Rec.

Love Jackass and know what to expect.

17. My size does matter, you silly one.

It's short, so please do not make fun.

Pressed up on neighbors, I cannot grow.

If I were bigger, I'd make some dough.

Cough and sputter, but please don't choke.

It's true my two clients are really quite broke.

Regional now, I been worse.

Scottish wool has been my curse.

Stodgy is the name of mine.

Take a pic in front of my sign.

18. If delicious food is your goal.

Pick a place that has some soul.

With some sweet tea to quench your thirst,

this downtown fave started here first.


Solved the riddles? Click here for the answers.

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