Final Location Clue -- Shubert

“Who Paid the Rent for Mrs. Rip Van Winkle?"
With that song, a star did twinkle.
Eve mentions its name as a place where firsts were made.
Many more would debut here: Desperate Newman, Brando, wrought with desire.
Now your name's on the marquis: Come join the choir.

Activity Stop #1 -- Schooner

Even when the economy fails,
This group brings in high sails.
After they rope in such great earnings,
They use profits to fulfill children's yearnings.
As you go out, please keep in mind
Not to slip and fall on your behind.

Activity Stop #2 -- Albertus Magnus College

Follow the path where men Hunt
Past the white mansion in front
On this hill, a unique learning place
Over 800 books this great man's pen raced
Inside, a wall of water flows steady and true
To the rise and fall of the ocean so blue.

Activity Stop #3 -- Historical Society

Look to the archives 
To see a world before you were alive
Hear a mariner's plight
Of a shippe forever sailed out of sight 

Activity Stop #4 -- Recycling Center

I cycled here again, to the Middle of town,
Where vessels go after sorrows they've drowned.
When you sent me away and used me once, I stayed;
Where river passes near, finally, I've been remade.

Activity Stop #5 -- Erector Square

A place that built metal toys
That delighted many young boys
In one town that's Fair
You'll find an art lair
Where you can hear lots of train noise

Bonus Clue #1 -- Christopher Columbus school 

Some say he sailed the ocean blue
Some say he is a man to rue
But now many tongues speak
At a Grand place where sculptures peek.

Bonus Clue #2 -- Foote School

You'll find here the children of cobblers and Canner
The children here learn in an eloquent manor (sic)
The campus abounds with elegant trees
Join us here...if you can pay the fees.

Bonus Clue #3 -- Hooker school 

On Eli's road you'll find this street walker
For the neighborhood she is a real shocker
She was a church that lost her perch
But when you see her score, you won't mock 'er.

Bonus Clue #4 -- Deja bru

Perhaps you've never been,
though... ... it seems like you have?
For a beverage of beans
on Rock's western ave,
"It's a wonderful block,"
for Victorian decor and genteel talk.

Bonus Clue #5 -- Fish ladder in Westville

Give me a nice Lily Pond
And a thing of which fish are fond
They swim up there to bed
By this they are led
The west river guppies are spawned. 

Bonus Clue #6 -- Wal-Mart Bus Stop

Yuppies hate this monstrous store
However, they've got foreign foods galore.
Next to me is a hardware shop;
Between us, look for the public transit stop.

Bonus Clue #7 -- The Study

Seems oh-so-bookish,
Though its better in bed.
Men greet when you enter,
Past the glasses sans-head.
Straight ahead from the entrance,
On the right are the draughts,
You'll see our Fathers, 
As a declaration they craft
To the left, at their backs,
Where papers are Drafted
Is the room for which this Clue was crafted.

Bonus Clue #8 -- Dixwell armory

Once ready for parades and war-time grudges,
No foot guards now tread betwixt three judges.
Hope for kids' games in my brick fortress abound
But large sums of money are not to be found.