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09 Questions

ACTIVITY STOPS: 5 point "early completion" token for first team to complete each activity stop

Clue #1
Shaped like U.
Now shoe!
Lucky? No steads trot yonder.
But you're a ringer if yous get caught here.
Lost? I'm near Clue #2.
I'm close to Hard and a season also guides you

Clue #2
Two ladies serve your morning brew,
Cross the road Olmsted's green in view.
On the seventh day,  
The City's Seeds lay.
West Rock art guides to buildings anew.

Clue #3
Duck and cover and be ready to strike,
Cruise Grandest of New Haven's Aves to see the site.
Between an Italian grocery and a Town of C-omida,
Look at all our family and follow a square and compass to the trasera.

Clue #4
In 1638 the pilgrims landed here,
But the waterfront I am no longer near.
Elm-filtered light shines on tutu,
Every afternoon the young fly this coop.
Look for a king and his hat bejeweled.

Clue #5
This place is fly,
You can ride to a filly.
Size does matter, so I could be stronger.
I'm still short, but getting longer.
In the city limits a balsa wood,
Go farther than you ever thought you could.

BONUS LOCATIONS: Need photo with entire team
Bonus #1
In the forest transition zone,
Dairy free smoothies await.
To score this point, take a group photo in front of my entry.
Bonus #2
No dairy, no eggs,
I only eat veg.
Don't worry about a thing,
This is my message to you-ou-ou.
Take a group photo in front of the cookery.
The lesser known cousin of Trowbridge Square,
You'll find a star from Casablanca there.
Near a street named after a compass direction,
Take a group photo of the summer splashing.
Not a bar or a place to jam,
I'm the up-State cousin of a Crown Street gem.
An I-beam rests, a garden's near,
911 has two meanings here. It feels all too real.
Take a group photo in front of a fallen steel.

Stay in the 'hood where you sweated and hit,
Here yuppies and hippies buy places to sit.
Nestled along a River jaunt,
Go to where Soho meets Vermont.In my basement, take a group photo with an aeolian harp.

Bonus #6
Bass is thumpin, butts a bumpin'
Come on Saturday to get you somethin'
Go past this Gothic party spot,
And head upstairs,
Make peace with this artist,
In time to sort through his wares.

Bonus #7
s    n    a    a    a    n    o    t    s
o    s    s    e    e    a    n    d    d
h    n    o    m    o    n    n    h    o
n    o    e    a    d    e    r    a    n
e    r    o    h    s    t    s    a    e
w    e    t    n    s    a    n    a    e
n    d    w    y    o    e    o    e    e
s    o    y    a    s    n    a    h    y
t    e    s    r    e    n    r    a    s

Send the team back to Town, but please hesitate
To gawk at hundred-acre 1800s estate.
Search above for the neighborhood and two intersecting ways,
Gothic tower and yellow trim at the end of one lays.
For the bonus, take a picture of your team with the building clearly shown.

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