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  1. Cluefest is for people who love living, working and playing in New Haven. Work with your team to solve clues leading to the Secret Cluefest Party at the end.

  2. Cluefest is a game to learn more about New Haven and show your community spirit. Everyone who plays is a winner but the team with the most spirit gets the Cluefest Cup.

  3. Cluefest is a voluntary game. You play at your own risk and are responsible and liable.  In particular, by signing up for the game, you agree to respect all traffic rules and regulations in New Haven, including the 25MPH speed limit, at all times.  Please have fun but exercise caution and help make sure you and your teammates get safely to the party.

  4. Respect the spirit of the game. Take time to learn more about New Haven and the people and places that make it cool. Have fun playing, but be courteous guests where we are visitors.

  5. A team is a carload of friends, usually between four and six people. Bicycling teams are also encouraged. Teams should stay together rather than splitting up to cover more ground.

  6. Dress comfortably and casually. Many teams create uniforms, costumes and fun team names for the event.

  7. Each driving team must have a designated driver.

  8. Some stops will have mental or physical challenges for your team to complete before moving to the next stage.

  9. Bring a digital camera. You will need to visually verify that you have solved a clue or completed a challenge by either collecting some kind of information at a site or by taking a photo on your digital camera that to show at the end of the game.

  10. At some stops, instead of a Cluefest representative to greet you, there may be a packet of clues left for you. Please take just one and leave the rest for the teams behind you to find so that everyone can have fun playing. Sabotage and un-sportsperson-like play not be tolerated and will be severely penalized.

  11. If you get absolutely stuck, you can call the Cluemaster on the Cluefest tip line. But do your best to solve the clue on your own . . . The Cluemaster doesn't give up tips very easily.

  12. The game ends at 5pm, if you have not found the last stop by then we will call you into the location of the Secret Cluefest Party. Eating, drinking, booty shaking and awarding of prizes begins immediately thereafter.

  13. The Cluefest organizers try to maintain the integrity of the game by keeping the stops a secret, but we cannot guarantee that no secrets have slipped out. If you have stumbled on any of the secrets (it's a small town), please still enjoy playing the game, but please let the organizers know what you've learned and promise not to share that information with your teammates when solving that clue.

? practice ?

Do you think you have what it takes? Do you think your team is going to have what it takes to find its way to the secret Cluefest party this year? Get out your New Haven map and the yellow pages, and try solving these riddles based on the courses from previous years.




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City of New Haven
New Haven Historical Museum