Welcome to New Hanja!
Please Select a Hanja Level from the Menu on the left, or Enter a Character in "Search" to begin.

What are the levels? 
Hanja Levels are ordered from 8 to 1 with 8 being the most basic level, and level 1 being the expert level.
If you are new to studying Hanja, Start with the 50 most basic characters in Level 8.

Level 7 and Level 6 also contain very common characters and will help you build your vocabulary.

Level 5 and Level 4 are intermediate levels.  Level 4 has been split in to two parts, Level 4(II) and Level 4(I).

Level 3 (II) and Level 3(I) are advanced levels.

Level 2 is an expert level.  Level 1 is not included as part of this site.

 Other pages to check out:

Resources and Links Lists all the sites that I use to look up Hanja characters.

List of Radicals - Contains a list of the radicals used in characters.  IN the future this page will be expanded into sub-pages, one for each radical, as well as links to all characters that use that radical.

6000 Most Common Korean words - This is a file that I found online, I use this to separate "Common" from "less common" words for each Hanja character.

Half Hanja / Half Native Words - Contains a list of Korean words that are half Hanja / Half native Korean.

New Hanja will be updated in 4 major phases:

Phase 1: Created a page for each character from Level8 - Level 5. (done!)
Phase 2:
Link all characters in vocabulary to their character pages.(almost done!)
Phase 3: Update the Etymology/Composition/History/Definitions for each character (in progress!)
Phase 4: The final phase.Integrate new vocabulary, and Introduce level 4 - 1 characters as needed.(in progress!)

593 pages built as of 21 Feb 2013!

Right now the site finishing phase 1, while phase 2 has already been started. Phase 3 will probably take the longest, and phase 4 will be the maintenance phase.