About us

About us

The Club is an initiative by Abdul Shakoor to the summer of 2005; He had a stroke in 2001. The aim was originally just to have a social and information-sharing session on a monthly basis. More recently, partly as result of recent encounters with community groups, a more campaigning edge has emerged, alongside an interest in wider awareness-raising and health promotion.

The Club promote the welfare and interests of people who have had strokes and their family carers to share experiences and to take part in activities. Moreover, provide information and support to people who have had strokes, which may assist in their rehabilitation, recovery, and regaining of confidence.

It will furthers promote policies which encourage independent living for people who have had strokes living or activea democratic, non-profit making, non-sectarian, association fully accessible to any member of the community in the London Borough of Newham, regardless of their residential status.

Our aims focus on five themes: fitness; campaigning; information; leisure and social contact. Stroke can be a devastating and isolating experience.

We meet Monday from 2pm – 4pm and Wednesdays from 2pm – 4pm .

Join in! Come and make it make!

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