Newhall Neighborhood Association

The Newhall neighborhood is located in central San Jose, CA.


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Board Members

President: Matthew Bright

Aaron Smith

Nancy Thomas

Amy Ramos

Jerry Krinock

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Neighborhood Info

If you live in the neighborhood, you can join the neighborhood Yahoo group:

NewhallNA Group

We have a page created to promote businesses owned or run by our neighbors. Check out the page: 

Neighbors in Business

We also have an associated play group:

Play Group

For contact information in the city of San Jose, go to:

Neighborhood Links

News Items

Neighborhood Meetings

The last neighborhood meeting was at 7pm on Monday, February 27, 2012 at the Quaker House. This meeting included the elections for the board. See the sidebar for the new board members.

Quarterly meetings are usually at the Quaker Meeting House at 1041 Morse St. Past meeting minutes are available on the Yahoo group.

The 2012 dues are due in January and are still $10. You can bring this to any of the officers.

There is a District 6 Newsletters page. The link is on our resources page (use the Neighborhood Links link). 

Council District 6

Links for our council district are:

Newhall Park

Our park is done and in the final stability stage! If all goes well, the park should open in a few weeks. The Grand Opening ceremony planning is in the works. Stay tuned for that date later this spring.

High Speed Rail

For more HSR meetings and times, see the Yahoo group.

Soccer Stadium

The soccer stadium received approval to begin construction.

For those not aware, the stadium will be located on the Airport side of the railroad tracks about 1000 feet (1/5 mile) from the closest Encanto homes on Campbell Ave. Pulte’s Altura will be similiarly close to the Earthquakes stadium. The stadium will be across the street from the Lowes, which is between Newhall St and Newhall Dr. The Soccer Stadium Draft EIR is located at:

1181 Campbell Ave Property

Neighbors testified at the 11/3 SJ Planning Commission hearing on a proposal that would have opened the door to high-rise condos in the Zazzle property. Barry Swensen Builders want to turn this into Transit Oriented Development (20+ units/acre), leaving the property open-ended for a higher density development. The Commissioners sided with Newhall and recommended that City Council reject the proposal. City planning staff also sided with the neighbors and recommended that the City preserve the light industrial designation. The proposal went before the City Council formally on 12/7.

Santa Clara Station Plan

The Santa Clara Station Area Plan (SCSAP) Draft EIR has been delayed. The SCSAP is a long term plan for the area (loosely) bounded by I-880, Santa Clara University, the airport and the DeLaCruz/Alameda interchange. Land use densities are planned to go up a considerable amount in the long term plan.  Delays in release of the DEIR are a result of disagreements between the City of San Jose and City of Santa Clara on transportation (intersection) impacts (see Stadium DEIR).  Late Winter, 2009 is the latest projected release date….stay tuned!!
Please find the SCSAP website at: 

Other News

Some neighbors are doing clean-up days in the neighborhood. See the Yahoo Group or Facebook events page for more information on how you can volunteer to help keep our neighborhood clean.

Other Topics

The San Jose City's Customer Service Call Center is 408.535.3500. You can use this number to call and be directed to other services. They will also take locations of shopping carts for collection.