About Newguineaworld

    Timothy Usher, Santa Fe Institute

    Newguineaworld is a historical phonological encyclopedia of New Guinean languages. The purpose of this website is to classify the language families of New Guinea, the most linguistically diverse region in the world, through a process of stepwise reconstruction using the traditional comparative method. In support of this goal, we aim to develop and present a full-spectrum online dataset describing New Guinean languages, with an emphasis on data types most likely to be of use to comparativists.
    Linguists and amateur enthusiasts alike are encouraged to consult, download and cite the materials presented here as described in our terms of use. We're keen to increase the breadth, depth and quality of our coverage, so if you'd like to call our attention to something we'd overlooked – or, better still, would like to join in and contribute to this endeavor – please let us know.
    If you're interested in automated or online use of materials, analyses and findings presented herein, see automated use.