Office Manager Resume Examples

    office manager
  • Office manager is a profession related to office supervisory positions.
  • Responsible for coordinating work flow and hiring, training, and supervising office staff.
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office manager resume examples
office manager resume examples - Office Manager
Office Manager Jobs (Career Book)
Office Manager Jobs (Career Book)
If you can keep your head when all about you are losing theirs and blaming it on you;
If you can trust yourself when colleagues doubt you, But make allowance for their doubting too;
If you're a level-headed multi-tasker;
If you can do it all yourself, but not make that your aim;
If you can shift gears when confronted with disaster; And calmly triumph over crises all the same;
If you're someone on whom others can depend, Office management might be right for you, my friend!

Office Management Salaries:
- 50% of office managers earn between $30,000 & $55,000
- Medium annual earnings: $45,000
- 10% earn around $70,000

Office managers are assigned the very general task of doing whatever is necessary to keep a company, university, government agency, or other organization operating efficiently, effectively, smoothly, and profitably and in compliance with in-house policies and government regulations.

Some tasks associated with office management are secretarial in nature: maintaining records, transcription, word processing, file retention and storage, answering telephones, organizing correspondence.

Others are activities you would associate with an administrative assistant working for a single executive - activities that office managers do on a larger overall scale. For example, an administrative assistant would order a ream of letterhead stationery and envelopes for the boss from the supply clerk or fulfillment department. An office manager, on the other hand, would be instrumental in getting the stationery to the supply room in the first place, comparing printers' prices and samples, selecting the printer that offered the best quality and value, approving the paper selection and mock-up of the letterhead, estimating how much stationery the company uses and how much space the company can allocate for stationery storage in the supply room, and ordering a three-month supply. When the order comes back with a typographical error in the letterhead, the office manager handles the snafu and dispatches some clerical workers to generate some stopgap stationery in a hurry on the company's color photocopy machine.

Other duties are more specialized, such as medical billing, processing payroll, and bookkeeping.
There are supervisory and managerial responsibilities, as well, and office managers are often in charge of such operations, systems, and departments as security, reception, telecommunications, leasing, insurance, staffing (both temporary and permanent), employee orientation and training, office machines, information technology, decor, and shipping. These are just some of the many tasks of this versatile employee. In some fields, like law, and in specific offices, office managers are entrusted with activities that once were the province of executive decision-makers, such as strategic and financial planning.

This report will give you an idea of what it is like to be an office manager. You will learn more about the day-to-day tasks and responsibilities involved in this occupation, the best and worst features of the job (the unpredictable nature of an office manager's workday can be both a plus and a negative), how much you can earn, and whether you have what it takes. You'll also get a glimpse of behind the scenes from some people who are currently in the profession. You will discover that people who can think on their feet and make sound decisions, and who prefer variety to routine, can find a very rewarding career in office management.

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Washington Suites Alexandria Hotel - Linda Owusu - Marketing Office Manager
Washington Suites Alexandria Hotel - Linda Owusu - Marketing Office Manager
Linda Owusu-Sekyere - Marketing Office Manager at the Washington Suites Alexandria Hotel located in Alexandria, Virginia - Photo by Mike Barber, Washington Suites Alexandria Hotel - Alexandria, Virginia
Joan, Val Vista Office Manager
Joan, Val Vista Office Manager
Joan, Val Vista Office Manager

office manager resume examples