newFamilySearch: A a new method of doing Family History 
The old way for LDS members to do family history was to:

  1. Download all the data that the Church already has about your family.
  ---From AF, PRF, and the IGI---
  2. Locate source documentation to verify the accuracy of downloaded data.
  ---Step 2 is skipped by most members---
  4. Check the online IGI for missing Ordinace dates.
  ---Many use programs like PAF Insight to do this---
  5. Clear uncompleted ordinaces for Temple work using Temple Ready.
  ---Duplication occurs when members skip step 4---
  6. Begin doing research to extend our family lines.
  ---Most LDS members never get to step 6---

With nFS we need to rethink our methods. Many people are still hung
up with the old methods and look at nFS as a new source of data for
their own personal quest to find uncompleted ordinaces in their
personal database. The old method required each person to verify that
all the temple ordinances were completed by entering those dates in
their own personal database. nFS provides a new process, through
combining an linking the data in nFS we verify that the temple
ordinances are completed. This only needs to be done once in nFS and
then it is done for everyone. Once this is done we can consentrate
our efforts on researching the accuracy of data and researching new

If you are still interested in maintaining a personal database a future
update to nFS will allow you to download or sync your personal files
with nFS. We do not need to spend a lot of time now searching for
ordinace dates for our personal databases, lets work on doing that in nFS.

Possible new sequence for LDS members with nFS:

  1. Go into nFS and do all combining of duplicates and linking.
  ---Getting nFS updated gives us a starting point for our research---

Once the data in nFS is combined and linked these other steps can be done
in any order. Lets get back to doing research.

  2. Locate source documentation to verify accuracy of data in nFS.
  ---This should be done for names before submitting for ordinances---
  ---We will be able to add source images in some future update---
  3. Clear uncompleted ordinaces for Temple work using nFS.
  ---This step can be done once data is verified as accurate---
  4. Sync our personal database with nFS. (optional)
  ---Only needed if the member wishes to maintain a personal file---
  ---This will require us to wait for programs like FamilyInsight---
  ---This could be done as part of step 2 if you already have sources---
  5. Begin doing research to extend our family lines.
  6. Add new names into nFS and clear the names for Temple Ordinances.

The old method encouraged busy work instead of research, nFS once
updated allows us to use our time doing research instead of building
personal databases from other peoples research.
Instead of being database builders lets be researchers.

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