2007 Short List

What's New in Family History 2007 Short List

Links to Family History Sites of interest for those interested in newFamilySearch and other Family History Research sites.

Whats New in Family History (Just Added)

newFamilySearch Slide Show  Demonstrating how names are displayed in newFamilySearch and how the new Combine function works (new Update Released Nov 8, 2007) which allows combining family members without Detailed side by side comparisons of all the details.

newFamilySearch Combine Claim View Demonstrating uncombine, viewing sources, notes, combined information and claiming a submission.

Elder L. Whitney Clayton  Speaks at a Family History Consultants Fireside about newFamilySearch.

newFamilySearch FAQ Frequently asked questions about the newFamilySearch program.

FamilySearch Wiki  FamilySearch has launched a Research Wiki.  Now individuals can find research information in one place and add to the Wiki to offer additional research helps for others. 

Record Search  FamilySearch Labs has added this new project, it provides a way to search data from FamilySearch Indexing. Both Indexed and scanned but not yet Indexed information is searchable. When completed this will become part of newFamilySearch. It is available now for testing purposes.

Life Browser  FamilySearch Labs has added a new project, it shows multimedia items that are linked to an individual. Read review.

Family History Resources & Helps 

Create Web Shortcuts   How to create a shortcut on your computer that opens a Web Site.

GEDCOM Index   This is a web site that searches for GEDCOM files all over the internet then provides a link to download the GEDCOM file, indexed by every name in the  GEDCOM file.

Internment.com  This web site is a collection of cemeteries and burial indexes.

Nova Scotia Canada Vital Records   This is a newly completed FamilySearch Scanning project, now online. Read review and News Release.

Roots Television   This is an online TV service offering on demand Family History programs and training courses. Read review.

Mastering Family History  This website contains video training for different FamilySearch areas including newFamilySearch.

Linkpendium  Over 5 million Family History links to web sites and genealogy resources, sorted by Surname or by Location. Read Review

Online Death Indexes  Searchable Online Death Indexes in US.

GenHomePage  The Genealogy Home Page contains links to many online Family History sites.

Heritage Quest web site  Contains US Census indexes and images. Available free at many libraries.  Click here for S L County Library access, Library Card required. Only indexes Head of Households.

Ancestry Library Edition  The Salt Lake County Library offers access to Ancestry.com inside the library.  Beginning April 1, 2007 only limited access will be available at the FHC's.

Encyclopedia of Genealogy  Learn everything about Genealogy.

Utah Death Certificates Guide   Learn how to find Utah Death Certificates online.  10 Page Step by Step Guide.

Utah Death Certificates 1905-1945  Find Images at the Utah State Archives web site, free.  Instructions Above.  A recently completed FamilySearch Indexing project. Read Review

Installing Picasa   How to install the photo editing program Picasa, available free from Google.

Using Picasa   How to Straighten an Image and Crop it using Picasa.  Many downloaded Images need this.

Copy an image to a Flash Drive   How to move a image from the desktop to a Flash Drive.

Family History Consultant Helps  Steps to follow in helping someone begin doing Family History.

FamilySearch Research Helps  Get research help finding Family History records from anywhere in the world.

Serving in the Church  Read on the new lds.org website about Family History callings.

Family Search Indexing  Help Index the images from the Granite Vaults. Review

Family Search Labs  Help test the new Pedigree Viewer.

LDS Tech Web Site  Visit the new technology web site of the Church. Review

Arizona Death Certificates 1887-1955  Find Images at Arizona Dept of Health website.  Read Review

Net Dimensions  The LDS website for Family History Consultant Training. Requires registration:  Family History Consultant Registration.

Priesthood Leaders Register   The Church has ask that all Priesthood leaders over Family History Register.

Family History Consultants  Past training E-Mail's from the Church, sent to registered consultants. 

BYU Census Tutorial  This is a new training tutorial to learn to use the US census in research.  

BYU Online Training  Free classes on Family History Research, Religion 261 course, and a PAF Tutorial.

FH Handbook Changes  View the changes in the Church Handbook of instructions for Family History..

Cathie's Lessons  Cathie Owens Family History Training site.

FamilySearch PAF Lessons  Take lessons on PAf at FamilySearch.

Whats New in Family History  2006 Short List.

Family History Blogs & Forums

Renee's Genealogy Blog  Renee has moved her blog, here is the new address.

LDS Tech Forums  Read forums about the future of FamilySearch and PAF.

Joel Dehlin Weblog  Read the Blog of the CIO for the Church.

Dan Lawyer's Blog  Dan is the Product Manager for the Church Family History Dept.

Grant Skousen's Blog  Grant works as a user experience designer for the Family Histoy Dept.

Everton Genealogy Blog  Everton publishing's Genealogy Blog.

Genea-Musings  Randy Seavers Family History Blog.

Genealogy Blog Search   Google search for Genealogy Blogs.

Family History Blog Search   Google search for Family History Blogs.

GarysTurn Family History Blog  Read Gary S Turners reviews of what is new in LDS Family History.

Learning about newFamilySearch

 newFamilySearch   Here is a search for new FamilySearch on Google.

ScreenShots of newFamilySearch   These were taken from a presentation at a seminar just before Beta2 began.

ScreenShots of newFamilySearch  View Screenshots of new.FamilySearch  Beta2. Read Review

rzamor Tests newFamilySearch  Description of new FamilySearch from a Beta2 tester.

Surnames.com newFamilySearch  News stories about new FamilySearch from surnames.com

Google newFamilySearch Group    Read the  about newFamilySearch at this Google Group forum.

 Sources in PAF   This is a step by step guide to entering a source citation in PAF.

newFamilyHistory Whats New Home 

 newFamilyHistory Page Index

newFamilyHistory Consultant Links

     newFamilyHistory Utah          

newFamilyHistory Massachusetts

 newFamilyHistory 2006 Short List     

GarysTurn Family History Blog

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