Whats New In Family History

What's New in Family History Short List

Links to Family History Sites of interest for those interested in newFamilySearch and other Family History Research sites.

Whats New in Family History (Just Added)

Payson Family History Slides  These slides are from a Family History fireside held in Payson Utah.

Family History Lessons These are lessons that can be taught in Family History Sunday School classes after the basic lessons from the new manual have been taught.

FamilySearch Wiki This is a new Family History Research Wiki. Go here to learn what records are available and how to find them.  You can also contribute your knowledge.

FamilySearch  The original FamilySearch web site has had a make over and now includes many new features, including Record Search and Family Archives Search.

FamilySearch Forums This is a site where you can go and ask research questions and get one on one help for other users.  You can also help others with questions.

Getting Started with my Family History This is a presentation of a brief introduction to doing family history work.  The slide show shows some of the web sites where you can get help and find the names of ancestors.  The talk by President Howard W Hunter explains the blessing of doing family history work. There is also a blank Pedigree Chart.

Rolling out Temple Ready online  This is an article published on Mormon Times web magazine about the roll out of newFamilySearch and its Temple Ready Function.

Family History Library Catalog Upgrade  FamilySearch is teaming up with Footnote.com to upgrade the functions of the Family Histroy Library Catalog.

Pilot Record Search  FamilySearch has launched a Pilot page for its Record Search program.  In this program you can search the items indexed and scanned but not yet indexed  in the FamilySearch Indexing program.  This site can be used while still under development.

FamilySearch Forums  FamilySearch has just set up their new Research Fourms. They are linked to the FamilySearch Research Wiki.  They are usable while being developed

Family History and Temple Work  Family History resources and links. Tools to learn how to start doing your Family History.  Links to classes and training sites.

Syncronize with nFS  Review of some programs which will soon offer the ability to sync with the newFamilySearch. (Family Insight, Ancestral Quest, and Roots Magic)

Margies Messages  Web pages showing Conference talks on Family History, Ensign articles about Family History, and other Family History resources.

ScotlandsPeople  This is an online source for Scotland vital records.

Redoing Temple Ordinances this help screen explains when ordinances should and should not be redone.

newFamilySearch V.92 slides  newFamilySearch has been updated to Version .92 (updated 3 Mar 2008) this link is to some screen shots of some of the changes.

newFamilySearch  This is a breif slide show explaining newFamilySearch.

newFamilySearch Temples This is a map showing the Temples that have been announced and those which are using newFamilySearch now.

Mormon Times Family History Page This is a page on family history on the new MormonTimes web page created by Deseret Morning News.

Online Searchable Death Indexes and Records  This site has links to online death indexes and records for each US State.

Online Birth & Marriage Records Indexes  This site has links to online birth and marriage record indexes for each US State.

LDS Blogs  This site gives links to Blogs about the Church and Blogs written by LDS Members on many different subjects.  There are a few Family History Links.

FamilySearchLabs  Has a new Family Tree project which displays information from the newFamilySearch API.  It is a combination of their Pedigree Viewer and Life Browser.  At the present time you must have a newFamilySearch account to view it. [Screens]

Ancestry.com in FHL  FamilySearch and The Generations Network announced Nov 19, 2007 that an agreement has been reached to allow full access to Ancestry.com in the Family History Library and 13 Regional Family History Centers.

newFamilyHistory NORWAY  Announcing the launch of our Norway web site.  With links to online family history sites for Norway research.

newFamilyHistory ENGLAND  Announcing the launch of our England web site.  With links to online family history sites.  A web page for every county in England.

newFamilyHistory Consultant Links Page Announcing the launch of our Family History Consultant page. Provides one easy place for LDS web site links and links to other Family History web sites and online training.

newFamilySearch Slide Show  Demonstrating how names are displayed in newFamilySearch and how the new Combine function works (new Update Released Nov 8, 2007) which allows combining family members without Detailed side by side comparisons of all the details. (NOTE: This display method was changed in V.92 3 Mar 2008)

newFamilySearch Combine Claim View Demonstrating uncombine, viewing sources, notes, combined information and claiming a submission. (NOTE: Some functions in this slide show were upgraded in V.92 3 Mar 2008)

Elder L. Whitney Clayton  Speaks at a Family History Consultants Fireside about newFamilySearch.

newFamilySearch FAQ Frequently asked questions about the newFamilySearch program.

FamilySearch Wiki  FamilySearch has launched a Research Wiki.  Now individuals can find research information in one place and add to the Wiki to offer additional research helps for others. (NOTE: This link was upgraded to point at the new Beta2 Version)

Life Browser  FamilySearch Labs has added a new project, it shows multimedia items that are linked to an individual.

Mastering Family History  This website contains video training for different FamilySearch areas including newFamilySearch.

Ancestry Library Edition  The Salt Lake County Library offers access to Ancestry.com inside the library. 

Net Dimensions  The LDS website for Family History Consultant Training.

Family History Consultant Registration. Family History Consultant register here.

Priesthood Leaders Register   The Church has ask that all Priesthood leaders over Family History Register.

Family History Consultants  Past training E-Mail's from the Church, sent to registered consultants. 

Genealogy Roots Blog  This blog reviews and links new online database resources.

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