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Family History Online Training Links

newFamilySearch Fireside Slides (with V.99 changes)

newFamilySearch .99 Beta Screen Shots

newFamilySearch Intro and Training

FamilyHistory101 research information site

Screen Shots of  the new FamilyTree program

Whats new in the Version .94 update of newFamilySearch

The Census Finder, a directory of online Census Records

Helpful Family History Research Links

The National Archives: Immigration,   LandState ResourcesMilitary,  NaturalizationVeteren CemeteriesHome Page    

FamilySearch Research Forums (Just announced April 2008)

FamilySearch Support's new web site (Under development)

newFamilySearch Ver.92 Slide Show of Changes (3 Mar 2008)  (Surmmary)

newFamilySearch breif introduction slide show    (Dialog)  (Preview)

BYU Computerized Family History Developers Conference Online

How to download slide shows from this site to use for training

newFamilySearch: A new method of doing Family History

newFamilySearch Training for FH Consultants at FH Library

 Elder L. Whitney Clayton Family History Consultant Fireside about nFS

Family History Library Bookmark Links from a Map

newFamilySearch frequently asked questions

Entering Sources in Personal Ancestral File PAF

How to Find a Utah Death Certificate Online

Creating Web Site Shortcuts

How to Copy an Image to a Flash Drive

Installing Picasa the Image Editor Free From Google

How to Crop and Straighten an Image in Picasa

Family History Consultant Helps

Mastering Family History

Cathie Owens Family History Class training site

Breaking Through Your Genealogical Brick Wall

Breaking Down Walls, Brick by Brick


Old training slides

Some features in the slide shows below have been changed in V.92

New Combining features added to newFamilySearch V.91 in Nov 2007

How Names are Displayed  in newFamilySearch Slide Show V.91 OUTDATED

Claim Submissions, Uncombine & View Info in newFamilySearch Slide Show






Family History Links

I hope this GarysTurn web site helps you to learn more about the many new resources for Family History Research that are now available.  Gary Turner

newFamilyHistory Home

newFamilyHistory England

newFamilyHistory Norway

newFamilyHistory Utah

newFamilyHistory Draper

newFamilyHistory Mass

newFamilyHistory Index

GarysTurn's Blog


newFamilySearch Map


PAFInsight Forum


Ellis Island



Find a




Genealogy com

Cyndi's List

FamilyTree Legends



GenUKI England

Free BMD England

Free CENsus England

Vital Records Scituate Mass


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Renee's Genealogy Blog

Eastman's Genealogy Blog

 DearMYRTLE Blog

David Hales lds Tech Blog

 Ancestry Insider Blog

Genea-Musings Blog

Shoebox Genealogy Blog

Think Genealogy Blog

Reflections of Christ Blog


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Turner Research Group

Hatch Research Group