First Things First - Find Your Way around EIU!

Once you have arrived, you will want to obtain the essentials to become familiar with your new setting. While tours and workshops on several aspects of the University will be held throughout the academic year, you may want to
get a few things before then.

Panther Card

A Panther Card provides the combined functionality of identification, purchasing, checking/ATM, and a meal plan all in ONE Card. As the Official University Identification card, which is required for all students, staff, and faculty, your Panther Card can be used for:
  • EIU ID: Your EIU ID number provides a common means by which departments can identify individuals. It is also used for student billing instead of your social security number. The "E" number is your own personal identification number.
  • Library Use: Your official library number appears on the front surface of the card. Use your Panther card to check out books at Booth Library.
  • Computer Labs: To gain access to computer labs.
  • Recreation: To utilize the University's Student Recreation Center.
  • Sporting Events: To attend sporting events.
  • Access to other University related functions

For more information, please visit the Panther Card website.
3040 Student Services Bldg.


Requests for keys to academic or administrative areas, desks, and cabinets are processed through the Keys department. Keys can be issued or returned to Central Stores (the east building of the Facilities Planning & Management complex) Monday through Friday, during normal office hours (7:00 am to 4:00 pm). Keys issued to an individual are their responsibility. A department head or responsible person must sign all key requests. Key Request forms are available.

For more information, please visit the Facilities Planning and Management website.
Please contact Jo Anne Thill

Parking Permit

Permits may be purchased in person at the Parking Services office or online through your PAWS account. The following is required at the time a permit is applied for:
  1. A Panther Card
  2. Driver's License
  3. Cash, Check or added to Account
  4. Vehicle Registration Form (Filled out, and legible)
  5. Staff, Faculty can use cash, check or payroll deduction.
You can not purchase a parking permit for someone else or their vehicle.
Staff & Faculty who want to pay through payroll deduct with 3 payments must purchase in person.

Staff & Faculty permits are $50/semester or $100/year.

For more information, please visit the EIU Police website.
7th & Grant
600 Lincoln Ave.


Textbook Rental Service provides the students of Eastern Illinois University with quality textbooks at an affordable cost. This service enables all students, regardless of their financial resources, to take advantage of the educational opportunities offered at the university and participate fully in their learning experiences.

Eastern Illinois University rents all basic texts at a flat fee instead of requiring that all students purchase their textbooks. This fee is included in the tuition and fees assessment, although a purchase option does exist.

For more information, please visit the Textbook Rental website.
Louis M. Grado Building
975 Edgar Drive

Administrative Calendar

A calendar relating to all personnel actions (promotion, tenure, annual evaluation, sabbatical, summer school teaching, etc.) is distributed to all faculty in early Fall. It can also be accessed on the Academic Affairs website.

For more information, please visit the Academic Affairs website. (Calendar is located under 'Planning')
1012 Old Main


Your Net ID will be your personal logon to EIU systems (PAWS, Panthermail). It is a unique name assigned to you when you become an employee of EIU. It serves as your login to many University computing and networking services and also determines your University email address, which is Your NetID will be established by the EIU Banner System and will be a derivation of your first initial, middle initial and your last name. If you do not know your NetID, you can look it up by searching for your name in the online directory.

For more information, please visit the Information Technology Services (ITS) website.

EIU Domain Accounts (Active Directory)

A Domain Account is the login/username required to access a managed section of resources on the campus network (i.e. domain). This allows someone to log in to a computer that is connected the domain, and be automatically connected to any network drive space that has been allocated for the domain account. The primary domain on our campus is EIU for Eastern Illinois University.

For more information, and to apply for a domain account, please visit the Information Technology Services (ITS) website.
Please contact Cay Kolling.


Campus e-mail accounts are automatically created for EIU employees and students upon processing their information with Human Resources.

For more information, please visit the Human Resources website.
2010 Old Main Room


Banner is a suite of administrative software applications developed specifically for higher education institutions by SunGard Education. Some of the services it provides faculty include:
The services provided include:
  • Faculty Detail Schedule
  • Faculty Week at a Glance
  • Detail Class List Information
  • Summary Class List
  • Student Contact Information
  • Active Faculty Assignments
  • Semester Class Schedule
  • etc.

For more information, and to apply for a Banner account, please visit the Banner at EIU website.

Learning Management System - Desire2Learn

Eastern Illinois University is in the process of switching learning management systems from WebCT CE8 to Desire2Learn. Workshops on Desire2Learn will be presented during Summer and Fall 2012.

For more information, please visit the Center for Academic Technology Support website.
1336 McAfee Gym


The EIU Telecommunications Office provides all on-campus phone related services for both Student and Administrative customers.

For more information, please visit the Telecommunications Office website.
3040 Student Services Building


A listserv is an automated mailing list that users can "subscribe" to and receive information that is delivered to the user's email address. The following listservs are helpful for faculty. Please note that there are a few that you are automatically subscribed to and others that you will subscribe yourself to.
* Please note that this is not a comprehensive listing of available faculty listservs.
  • All Campus Employee Listserv (sendem_allemployees) - automatic subscription (includes University Newsletter)
  • UPI Listserv - to subscribe, please visit the UPI website here.
  • Council of Academic Affairs - to subscribe, please visit the CAA listserv site here.
  • Faculty Development Faculty Listserv (faculty, newfaculty) - the Faculty Development office will subscribe your email address.
  • Advisors - to subscribe, please visit the Advise-1 website here.
  • EIU Pride - to subscribe, please email to join.