Acronyms used at Eastern Illinois University

As with any organization, we've developed our own lingo. Below is a non-comprehensive list of acronyms used across campus and is updated periodically.

Advise-1 = listserv for advisors
AFSCME = (Local 981) American Federation of State, County & Municipal Employees
AGORA = Eastern's Online English Magazine
AlertEIU = EIU's text-messaging system that alerts subscribers, via their cell phones, to emergency situations and (if needed) advises them to take action.
A&P = Administrative & Professional, all Administrators
ARC = Academic Retention Committee
ASP = Academic Support Professional (all Advisors are ASPs)
ATAC = Academic Technology Advisory Committee
ACF = Annually Contracted Faculty

Banner = Banner is a suite of administrative software applications developed specifically for higher education institutions by SunGard Education
BOT = Board of Trustees
BGS = Bachelor of General Studies (Degree program for nontraditional students)

CAA = Council on Academic Affairs
CAH = College of Arts & Humanities
CAN = Campus Advising Network
CASL = Committee for Assessment of Student Learning
CATS = Center for Academic Technology Support
CASA = Center for Academic Support and Achievement
CBA = Collective Bargaining Agreement
CEPS = College of Education & Professional Studies
CGS = Council on Graduate Studies
COS = College of Sciences
COTE = Council on Teacher Education
CU = Credit Unit
CUPB = Council of University Planning and Budget

DAC = Departmental Application of Criteria
DARS = Degree Audit Report System
DEN = Daily Eastern News
DPC = Department Personnel Committee
D2L = Desire2Learn - Eastern's new course-management software

EIU4 = Program to guarantee graduation in four years
EISE (Banner) = Enterprise Information System Enhancement
EMAC = Enrollment Management Advisory Committee
EWP = Electronic Writing Portfolio

GAP = Global Ambassadors Plaza campaign

IACUC = Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee
IBHE = Illinois Board of Higher Education
ICGD = Interdisciplinary Center for Global Diversity
IRB = Institutional Review Board
ITS = Information Technology Services
INB = Internet Native Banner

LCBAS = Lumpkin College of Business & Applied Sciences

MAP = Monetary Assistance Program
MEIU = Marketing Eastern Illinois University

NCATE = National Council for Accreditation of Teacher Education

OCDI = Online Course Development Institute
OISS = Office of International Students & Scholars

PAI = Professional Advancement Increase
PASS = Panther Athletic Support Services
PBI = Performance Based Increase
PAWS = Panther Access Web Services (Online Registration, Employee log-in, etc.)
PHC = Pan-Hellenic Council

RSO = Recognized Student Organization

SAC = Speaking Across the Curriculum
SACIS = Sexual Assault Counseling & Information Service
SCE = School of Continuing Education
SSB = Self Service Banner
SSC = Student Success Center
SST = Student Support Team

TRM = Tuition Recovery Model
The Keep = Institutional Repository at Booth Library

UB = University Board (student organization)
Union Civil Service Council = Non-Negotiated Employee Council
UPI = University Professionals of Illinois Faculty Union
(Unit A – General & Tenure track Faculty
Unit B - Annually Contracted Faculty & ASPs)
UFAC = University Foundations Advisory Committee
UMAC = University Marketing And Communications
UPC = University Personnel Committee

VPAA = Vice President for Academic Affairs
VPBA = Vice President for Business Affairs
VPSA = Vice President for Student Affairs
VPUA = Vice President for University Advancement

WAC = Writing Across the Curriculum
WEIU = Eastern’s Radio Station
WHAM = Women's History and Awareness Month
WSM = Women in Science & Mathematics
WRC = Women’s Resource Center

If you run into any more acronyms, feel free to contact us to add to the list!