The Revelation of St. John

Interpreted by Archie J. Inger 

NOTE: Archie J. Inger (1883-1954) was an author, an artist and a Christian lecturer. The 'Revealed Translation of John's Revelation Given by the Lord Jesus Christ to Archie J. Inger' was published in Oakland, California in 1908 when he was only 25 years old. When the writings were presented as an explanation of The Apocalypse of John provided by Christ himself, a team of clergymen and educators spent days examining Mr. Inger and concluded that the work was both amazing and authentic.

The San Francisco Examiner had this to say about the work “ Archie J. Inger, a boy in years, but a man in ordinary intellect, a youth of humble origin, has produced an interpretation of the revelation of the New Testament book of St. John that is astounding to doctors of divinity and trained theologians. This amazing document running upwards of 100,000 words, is strikingly phrased and bears the stamp of thought far beyond the normal action of this youthful mind..."  

The entire work can be read online at this link:'s%20Revelation.pdf


Chapter XIV

O, you governments of the earth, listen to this which I say unto you. Harken unto
the voice of the Lord. The call has now reached your premises, and the day of your
destruction has come. So I say unto you, even as John said. And so also shall my voice
now fulfill that which he foretold. But its fulfillment shall be in a manner you know not
of, for I see no justice in you. Therefore you shall not be justified, 0 you inhabitants of
the earth. I have given you mercy, and you have dealt out bitterness. I have given you
honey, and you have made from it vinegar and offered it to many nations for them to
drink. And from its effects they have become sickened in sin and have died from the light
and life everlasting.

0, you worshipers of faiths, and creeds, and churches. 0 you professors of
Christianity, I have searched among you and can not find My mark in your midst. I have
found you pretenders and impostors. Therefore I have now spewed you out of My mouth,
and My word has been taken from you to be given to a more righteous people. You claim
to be of Me, and yet retain the ambitions of the world. Yes. From the mouths of
thousands do I hear this claim, and yet the earth overflows with wickedness.
Now I shall demand of you an answer. Why this confusion? Why remain you
without My power of casting out devils if you are of Me? Leave I My servants without
My power; and do My servants live where no works are shown? Am I unlike Myself, and
are My servants unlike Me, or unlike My servants of old? If I am among you, where is
My likeness? And if you are My servants, where are the works? Why this wickedness
still? Am I not stronger than evil where I live? Did I not cast out devils wherever I went?
And do devils live with Me, or in the house of My servants?

Upon what authority have you been making these false claims? Know you not
that if you are of Me, I and My powers will accompany you? If, among the countless
numbers who claim to be of Me there were but one-third, yes, even one-tenth who were
really so, then the wickedness of the world would already have been overcome. Know
you not that if the so called Doctors of Divinity alone were of Me, wickedness could not
last the fulltime of one of their lives?

Evil yields not, because it has nothing to yield to except itself. It is not overcome
because there is nothing which has power to overcome it except My law; and My law is
not obeyed.

Do you say that you can not find listeners, and therefore you are unable to gain
followers? Behold, to what shall they listen, or what shall they follow different from that
which they already follow? What of those who have listened, and those who do follow?
Is there any great difference between them and other men? Are their homes not filled
with confusion? Are not their minds full of discontent? Are they not faultfinding? Are
they not disagreeable and quarrelsome? Do they not censure and condemn? Are they not
seeking after worldly pleasures and renown, rather than for the grace of their Lord? Are
they not enjoying wealth at the expense of others’ labor?

Are they not teaching, commanding and training servants for worldly purposes
rather than affording the unfortunate an opportunity for study and for serving the Lord?76
Are they not waited upon by servants at Sunday dinners and festivals instead of following
the example of Jesus Christ? And are not those unable to do these things, by force of
circumstances, trying and striving to get means and position that they might do likewise,
instead of being content with that which God would see fit to give them? Or is it true that
as yet they know no real Lord who has given them food to satisfy the soul? Is it not true
that they have no Lord in so far as they know? If it were otherwise they could not be so

They are discontented because they are barren. They know not The Lord, and the
world has robbed them. Therefore they are nothing, and realizing it are discontented. The
wealthy Christian has robbed them; or has helped to do so, and is therefore content
because he has been successful. But he is nevertheless confused, having not yet found
favor with God. 0 you “Doctors of Divinity!” who allow yourselves to be called such.
What are your teachings to those who do listen and follow that they can believe in them
and still tolerate this degradation even with themselves? Can wickedness be overcome by
teachings that tolerate such liberties and laxities? Can My power accompany such
servants of Satan, or must they be cast out among the swine and drown in the great river
of selfishness and sin?

0, you doctors of divinity; look now at yourselves. I have demanded an answer at
your hands. I have, and will call you to account as it is for your own and others’ good.
And the time is now at hand when this shall be done.

What of yourselves? Are you not taught of the world all that you know? Do you
not judge My laws in your own worldly way and then give it out to your people as having
not lost the purity of My spirit, when in reality you have but submitted it to your own
judgment, but not yourselves first to Me, your Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ? Are you
not vain, conceited, and selfish? Are you not of worldly ambitions? Do you not love
admiration and praise? Are you, after all, much more than other men whom you accuse
and chastise for not believing in your doctrine? If the whole world should see exactly as
you do, and be just as you are, would it then be free from wickedness? Are you still in
doubt as to why My power does not accompany you, and why wickedness is not
overcome? Are you still in doubt that you are not of me; or shall I go on and still further
expose you?

Yes. I shall go on. But not here, as I have other important matters of which to
speak concerning My holy law. But I will go forth and show you up, and the whole world
with you, for Babylon must fall; and is fallen because I am not undecided; but have come,
and have sent forth Mount Zion singing their new song and preaching the purity of My
gospel. Therefore you shall all be shown to be just what you are, that the nations may no
more be deceived; for you shall appear as black as the night and clothed in robes scarlet
with the blood of the saints.

I delivered unto the world My law; and God delivered Me unto the Jews, and they
crucified Me. And even as the Jews crucified Me, you have crucified My laws and My
teachings; and have distorted their meaning and purposes until they have not been kept
among you, and you of the earth have them not. Nevertheless they did not die, but lived,
and shall live forever; but have been kept upon Mount Zion, with the hundred and forty
and four thousand having My Father’s name written in their foreheads.

These are they which were not defiled by women; and are the saints, or spirits
which were redeemed from sin by the blood of the Lamb. It is these who will now preach77
and teach, and restore my gospel unto the earth. For they will take from men their wills,
and will teach and preach through them, and they shall come forth with My gospel even
as I came forth from the tomb with My body. So shall I now send forth the spirits with
My gospel to give it through revelation to men upon the earth. Let us then see what is
Mount Zion, and what did John mean when he said: “And I looked, and lo! a lamb stood
on Mount Zion, and with Him a hundred and forty and four thousand having My Father’s
name written in their foreheads.”

Mount Zion is a complete realization of God’s will and purpose. It is a state of
existence wherein the submission of the soul to God’s will has placed it in unison with
God’s wisdom, love, and mercy. It is a state of existence wherein no will is used, and no
wish or thought is ever expressed, except the expression of God’s will through the
individual. Thus it enjoys the perfect peace, harmony, and happiness of God Himself.
Because, having no wish, no desire, and performing no act except God’s wish, God
expresses Himself through them, and they realize the contentment and perfect happiness
which God in His Infinity realizes. Because God is continually expressing Himself
through these souls, and therefore also expresses supreme happiness at the same time that
He expresses His wishes; His power; and His action.

Then we see and can, in part, understand what Mount Zion is; for it is a redeemed
condition of the soul. And is that perfect state of existence which God has ordained and
set apart as the final environment of each soul which He has created; and its state of
supreme joy and perfection of realization is of such greatness that this, and this alone, is
that which prompted the love of God to call forth creation into action.

God is all that can be. Nothing can increase His happiness, as His happiness is
already, and always has been Infinite. Nothing can add to His pleasure, or to His
storehouse, as all that can be is His already. Therefore He created man through His love.
He gave individual existence through His love in order that there might exist beings of
life who could enjoy a portion of this great joy which was God’s already. God therefore
created man; not to make Himself more happy, but that man might enjoy and partake of
His great happiness and peace. Thus it comes that the joy realized by the souls of Mount
Zion is of such greatness that it is the object for which God called forth the Souls of men
into existence that they might enjoy it and exist in it forever.

And John looked, and behold, a lamb stood on this mount. This lamb which John
beheld standing upon the mount is the realization which is experienced by the souls
inhabiting this place. But do I now see your astonishment in this, my last explanation of
the Lamb? And why are you astonished at this? Is it not because you were positive in
your own mind that the lamb referred to in this chapter of John’s Revelation is Jesus of
Nazareth? If this was your understanding, then you were right, and yet you were wrong.
You were right because Jesus was and is The Lamb; and yet you were wrong because you
knew not how Jesus of Nazareth is the Lamb.

Jesus was the first soul from this earth who reached the state of Mount Zion. He
was the first to experience its realization, and to receive of its supreme power and
wisdom of infinite action, which makes the soul one with God, and as God; but not God.
But God expresses Himself through these souls, thus making them like God, with God’s
power, wisdom, love, mercy, and action. Then if Jesus was the first to reach this perfect
state, known as the state of The Lamb; His reaching it, and realizing it, and becoming
part of it, made Jesus the Lamb.78

Everything becomes that which it experiences, and that which is manifested
through it. For instance: the title of doctor represents a degree of knowledge and a
realization of certain supposed facts; and he who attains that state, or degree of
knowledge becomes known as a doctor. This example is small indeed, and can hardly be
used as a comparison, but more as an illustration that you may understand how Jesus
became known as The Lamb of God; and the Saviour of men; by being known according
to His state of progression, and by seeing in Him The Lamb and Mount Zion in the same
manner as we see in Him The Father; even as His words once spoken, and now spoken
again, even by Himself both times when He said: “You see Me, you see also My Father
which is in Heaven.”

When we see Him we see also the Lamb. But the Lamb is that perfect state of
existence known as Mount Zion. But on Mount Zion there was also seen a hundred and
forty and four thousand having His fathers name written in their foreheads. Who are these
of this number? They are the departed spirits of the earth which John beheld in a
redeemed condition doing God’s will.

Then is now the time in which John beheld the hundred and forty and four
thousand on Mount Zion? Yes. Now is the time when spirits of a number from the earth
have reached a redeemed condition, and will therefore be set about, in the will of God, to
bring the millennium and redemption unto the earth on which they once dwelt, and which
is known to them as “the life of the shadow of death”; but upon which, through the will
of God, they will now give light and fulfill the laws established by Jesus Christ, by
overcoming men and using them as temples through which to work and manifest their
laws of wisdom which are to overcome the dragon of darkness, ignorance, and death.
But does this hundred and forty and four thousand designate the number of souls
which are on Mount Zion? No. But rather the number of places, or states of existence and
oneness with God. It is also the number of a man, the man Jesus, and his existence as the
Son of God. We see, then, that the number does not designate the number of souls on
Mount Zion, or the number of souls redeemed from sin, for they are of such great
numbers that they would be numberless in the language of men upon the earth. But it
shows the number of degrees of progression between the self-will of man, and the will of
God experienced by the souls of Mount Zion. Even as the number “six hundred three
score and six” numbers the lowest degree of darkness and willfulness of men upon the
earth, and is also the number of men standing at the head of the governments of men
which enable and permit selfish uses of God’s gifts, and the defiling of God’s laws and
revelations by making merchandise out of the house of God by subjecting the gifts and
revelations of God to men’s judgment and selfish uses.

And John said: “I heard a voice from Heaven as the voice of many waters, and as
the voice of great thunder. And I heard the voice of harpers harping with their harps. And
they sang, as it were, a new song before the throne and before the four beasts and the
elders; and no man could learn that song but the hundred and forty and four thousand
which were redeemed from the earth.”

What was the voice from Heaven which John heard? The voice was the mark of
God which was received in the foreheads of the hundred and forty and four thousand.
And this mark which is written in their foreheads, is God expressing Himself through
them. Therefore the voice which John heard was the expression of God’s love; God’s
mercy; God’s wisdom; God’s perfection; God’s peace; and God’s power, which He 79
would and did express through the departed spirits who had learned to do only His will
and perform His desires.

But why was this voice of which I speak, and which John heard, as the voice of
many waters? First: we must understand that this voice is the mark of God manifested
through the Angels; or through individual beings who have submitted their wills and
desires to God and His action. It can then be perceived why this voice is as the voice of
many waters; because it cleanses those given up to it, from all unclean desires, and all
imperfect actions, and places them before Him clean and without guile, even as God’s
will is without guile.

But why is it also as the voice of great thunder? Because of the great immovable
strength with which they are endowed who act only as the instruments of the will of God.
And having loaned them God’s strength, with God’s wish, which is Infinite, they become
as one with the Infinite. And its power to sound is its power to fulfill; and its power to
sound is as the voice of thunder. It is, and as such, and in such strength and mightiness
they act who are inhabitants of Mount Zion. And the many works of righteousness and of
everlasting good which they perform in the will of God is “the voice of harpers harping
with their harps.” Even so. Amen.

But John heard the Angels singing, as it were, a new song: a song which no man
could learn but the hundred and forty and four thousand which were redeemed from the
earth. The new song is the redemption of the earth, and the actions of the spirits, through
the will of Christ, upon man to redeem them and implant within them new desires, new
ambitions, and new understanding such as men never could and never would be able to
attain by themselves. And the song is, as it were, a new song, because all is made new
when the earth is redeemed and cleansed of all unrighteousness and men cease to serve
themselves to serve God. A matter impossible with men in the flesh without the aid of
Angels, or the penetration and guidance of Spirits.

For man can never serve Christ nor obey His laws, even though they have been
established, unless they first give themselves up to be guided by the spirits who will lead
them into new standards of beliefs and understanding of right and wrong; and which will
also aid the seeker in his efforts to obey and manifest the new standards. For if man is left
upon his own judgment of what he must do to serve Christ, the best he can do would be
to live according to the moral standard of the world; or according to some moral standard
of his own. All of which, at best is condemned by God through His infinite standard of
right and wrong.

Therefore whatever standard of moral good which may be entertained by the
world is, in the eyes of God, but a convenience for the world’s peace of action, more than
it is a real moral rule of perfection. Therefore all that you have learned and begotten unto
yourselves in the world, you shall unlearn, whether it be in the flesh where you have
partaken of it, or whether it be after you have passed into spirit; the time will come when
you must rid yourselves of such matters before you can partake of the full beauties and
ordinances of the new life, which is to serve God and do His bidding unto all mankind
and all creatures of God’s creation.

I stated that if man be left upon his own judgment of what he shall do to serve
Christ, and by this I mean to say: if man shall be left, not having given up his will, he can
at best but follow some human standard already established. But these standards did not
originate from the Infinite source of understanding and judgment of right and wrong. For80
even if perfect ones were handed down by Prophets from time to time; they were soon
perverted to suit the wishes of men, and changed so as to endorse certain privileges which
men of that age wished, and in future ages would wish to entertain, adding deception
upon the wrong which had already been done. And by following in their footsteps each
succeeding generation was led to believe themselves serving divine laws and standards;
when they were but serving perverted understandings of divine laws which made man’s
last state worse than the first.

Are you unable to accept this statement upon the ground that God’s laws can not
be changed? God’s laws can not be changed; that is true. But his laws are easily
misunderstood by the finite minds of men. And the misunderstood ideas are easily
mistaken for the real ones; for so it has been, and so it will continue to be as long as men
have wishes, desires, and wills of their own. So, because of men’s determination to
believe that the laws of purity, and of moral right and wrong which they entertain are the
same laws that were laid down by Christ and other prophets, I shall be equally
determined to prove beyond reasonable doubt, to fair minds, that it is not so.
Why shall I be determined to prove this to you? It is in order that you may see the
necessity of change to a higher source of judgment than that which men have been
following. God is perfect, and has never been found otherwise. Therefore whatever He
delivers through any prophet is perfect; and is sufficient for a perfect guidance unto
eternal life, and truth, and righteousness, if it is rightly established in the minds of men as
it was delivered through the prophets.

Therefore, if the laws and rules laid down by the prophets were truly the laws and
rules which the different ages believed themselves to be following; then a previous age
could not be condemned by a more progressive and later one. For the laws and standards
of all ages would have been perfect from the first, according to that age; for from the
beginning there have at intervals been prophets sent unto the people. “But,” you say, “the
cause of man’s perversity is not in the standards which they have held of right and wrong;
but is because the standards have not been lived up to, that there has been the wickedness
which enabled each age to condemn the past.”

But why have they not been lived up to? Because the will of God and the will of
man cannot exist acting at the same time. Therefore, if the words of the prophets which
men have been following are correctly recorded, then it is evident that their meaning is
not understood. Then how have the prophet’s teachings become changed in the minds of
men when the words remain the same as when the prophets uttered them? It comes about
in this manner:
The law of Moses states: “Thou shalt not commit adultery,” and that one found in
the act should be stoned. The Jews brought one such, a woman, unto Christ, condemning
her according to the law of Moses. And yet Jesus, the perfect master of God’s law
condemned her not, yet He used the same law. Then why this contradiction between the
prophet Moses and the prophet Jesus; both claiming to be of God? The contradiction
between the two prophets was not there in reality, but came about in this wise: Jesus
understood the law of Moses, and the accusers of the woman did not, but thought they
did. Or rather, Jesus understood according to God’s judgment; and the Jews according to
men’s. That made the difference.

In the first place Jesus Christ knew that what men understood as an adultery was
not the act meant as an adultery by Moses. And the stoning to death as understood by the
Jews, was not the manner of stoning which was intended by Moses when he handed
down the law, meant it spiritually, and the Jews performed it physically.
Can you not now see why John said that no man could learn that song but the
hundred and forty and four thousand which were redeemed from the earth? Because no
man can by himself serve God. No man without the aid of the Spirits can serve Him
because he can not learn the song without them: which song is to know right from wrong,
and to understand the laws and ordinances of God as they were laid down through the
prophets; which song is only known by the Angels, and given to men who are willing to
receive them: few being so.

The Bible alone is not sufficient to save a man; nor to give him understanding.
For if it were so, then John would not have beheld that no man could learn the song but
the hundred and forty and four thousand which were redeemed from the earth. “Lest ye
be born again, ye cannot see the things of Heaven.” And if you have been born again,
why are you not righteous? Man, look at yourself for you are much wanting. But your
conceit in your own convictions have hidden it from you.
But there is yet more to be said about the hundred and forty and four thousand
which were redeemed from the earth, as John says: “These are they which are not defiled
by women, for they are virgins. These are they which follow the Lamb wheresoever He
goeth. These were redeemed from among men, being the first fruits unto God and the
Lamb.” These are they which are not defiled by women: means that they are not bound
by the flesh, nor by the desires of their self-will. However, the woman here does mean
the flesh. For the flesh is the womb in which the soul is embodied while living its earthly
existence. We see, then, that the flesh is the womb; and the soul is the man; and they two,
in their mortal state constitute woman. Then, 0 reader, is it not plain that those on Mount
Zion are the disembodied spirits? Will you not for your own good open your hearts and
understand? For John said none could learn that song except those who were not defiled
with women. Then, according to this, it is only the spirits who know God and can sing
His song of redemption unto the earth. And it is through them that man shall be taught to
serve Christ, the Lamb of God.

But, do I hear you say, could not those who were not defiled with women be some
who as yet have never been born into the flesh; and could not God have agents in His
work who will, perhaps, never be born of the flesh? Nay, my friend, there is no limit to
what God can do; but he has not seen fit to do it thus. And should you possibly have this
objection, it can not stand; for John also says: “these were redeemed from among men;
being the first fruits unto God and the Lamb.” That these were redeemed shows that they
had once sinned, and had been born of the flesh. Thus it can not longer be denied that
they are disembodied spirits, being the first fruits unto God and the Lamb, which is
John’s testimony unto you that the spirits, and the spirit world are redeemed before the
earth, for he says that they are the first fruits unto God and the Lamb.
And when he says that none could learn the song but these, he testifies to you that
if you would serve God, it must be through the spirits who will enable you to follow and
understand the Laws of Christ; for they are the administers of the water of heaven that
will baptize you with the Holy Spirit and cleanse you from sin, and the results of your
own will.

Thus we see that God works for the special needs of men in a consistent manner
unthought of by the materialist, and rejected by the religionist. Thus both have lacked in82
wisdom; one through ignorance, and the other through folly. And who shall say which is
most condemned in the sight of God?

But, you say, if I am Christ, you would rather ask of Me direct than to ask through
the spirits. To this, I have no objection, providing you ask with your wills submitted. But
if you do ask of Me, I shall answer through the spirits, so the difference is with you. But
what difference is there whether you ask of Me, or you ask of the spirits in My name? In
either case you shall be answered providing you have no will in the matter. For I only
answer prayers according to My own will. For Mine only is perfect; because My will is
My Father’s will which is always perfect.

But if you object to the spirits then you have a will in the matter, and your will is
in opposition to God’s. For it is God’s will and ordinance to administer to mankind
through angels. And all prayers that have been answered to men upon the earth, have
been answered through spirits. But men have not known it; and the reason they have not
known it is because they are rebellious, and their rebellion has hidden from them the

If a man is unwilling to believe certain things which are true; then how shall this
unwilling man find it out? Can you then not see how necessary it is that you yield your
will if you would serve God? It is your will which causes you to disbelieve because it
stands as a fort against truth and justice, which are the laws of Heaven. Therefore if you
would serve God, you must first give up your wills, which will make you virgins because
you will then have an eye single to God only. But if you have a will of your own; then
you have an eye for your own wishes and gratification; and your eye is not single to God;
and you are not yet a virgin because you have taken unto yourself your self-will as
husband, and serve him night and day.

Then why did John speak of the hundred and forty and four thousand as virgins?
Because they did only God’s bidding, and therefore went hither and thither administering
Christ’s will wherever they were directed; which means “they follow the Lamb
wheresoever He goeth.” Then the first ordinance of God is unto the first fruits of the
Lamb, which are the Angels, or Spirits, to redeem them and enable them to do God’s

After this John “beheld another angel flying through the midst of Heaven, having
the everlasting gospel to preach unto them that dwell upon the earth.” This angel was the
preparation of the angels to deliver unto men the laws of God which should redeem the
earth. And this preparation was made by preparing certain men to receive of their
communication, and give up their own wills, and to prepare others to receive the
communication after it was uttered.

Then what is this which you read? It is of the communication. But has the
preparation ceased? No. It still continues. Though most of those who are being prepared
are unaware, or unconscious of it. Then the one has not ceased, and yet the other has
begun. Even so, and neither shall it cease until every man, woman, and child are
redeemed from the earth, and from their self-wills, and God’s will is done upon the earth
as it is in Heaven.

But John says: “Another Angel which followed, saying, ‘Babylon is fallen, that
great city, because she made all nations drink of the wine of her wrath of her fornication.’
“This angel is the work of the spirits with man which will destroy confusion; or, in other
words, this angel is the continuation of the preparation and communication between83
spirits and man until Babylon is fallen, that great city of the self will of men which causes
every nation to serve Satan by serving themselves; and causes them to drink of the results
which are caused by men fortifying themselves against the will of God and the laws of

But when shall this take place? What shall be its effect upon men who worship
the lusts of their own desires to create and handle according to their own judgment, and
in the manner that pleases them? It must be understood that even with the overwhelming
power and manifestation of spirit unto man, showing him better methods and wiser ways,
there will still be many who will continue to be selfish, and who will be unwilling to give
up their convictions and the power which they have exercised over others, and over
themselves; their homes and positions; and all such things as have been man’s earthly
nature to acquire unto themselves.

It has all been prompted by selfish motives. But custom and long misusage have
concealed that fact; which fact is easily concealed from a generation that desires to
possess advantages that their brothers do not have. All of the rules and methods under
which men work, and are allowed to work, are unfair and unjust. For is it not unfair in the
sight of God that one man should have and another want? And is it an unselfish man who
is content to enjoy the things for which his neighbor wants? And is it a fair, or unfair
world which tolerates, upholds, and protects the unequal distribution of life’s necessities?
0 man, you are as slaves who have known nothing but slavery since birth, and are
satisfied. You have become so used to the world’s customs and laws that you see no
wrong in them and do not see that it is the practice of laws which are considered just that
causes the violation of laws which are in reality just. And because of this, men will
continue to strive with their hearts in unwillingness against God’s Angels in this, the last
day, as in the past.

Then when the hundred and forty and four thousand shall be heard to say:
“Babylon is fallen,” what shall be the effect of their song when it is felt by the earth? And
what shall be its effect upon those still bound to customs, desires, and selfish motives?
Harken unto the words of John, and I will help you to understand if you have given Me
your heart in submission to the truth. Then whether this truth seems against you or for
you, it shall all be for your good in the end.

Why then linger on in unwillingness and fear of a matter as everlasting as truth
has proven itself to be? Why not listen to the words of John, that you may not be found
among those worshiping the beast. He says: “And the third Angel followed them, saying
with a loud voice: ‘If any man worship the beast and his image, and receive his mark in
his forehead, or in his hand; the same shall drink of the wine of the wrath of God which is
poured out without mixture into the cup of his indignation; and he shall be tormented
with fire and brimstone in the presence of the holy Angels, and in the presence of the

Who are they that receive the mark of the beast in their forehead, or their hand? It
is they who still cling to the beliefs and work according to the customs of the world; and
who fear the displeasure of people and friends, or the loss of property, position, and
worldly belongings more than they fear to disobey and disregard the laws and wishes of
God, the Creator. All of this is a mark of the beast in the forehead; and he who works
according to these fears has the mark of the beast in his hand, and the same shall drink of
the wrath of God which is poured out without mixture into the cup of His indignation.84
God’s wrath isGod’s lovewhenitismanifested uponrebellious man in such a
manner as to cause the particular affliction of grief which will overcome his rebellious
efforts and cause him to see his folly and make him a subject of God’s divine guidance.
And God’s indignation is the mercy He extends towards sinful men in providing a way
for their salvation by causing their rebellious actions to bring them grief, and so turn them
from their wicked ways, if they are not led to turn by persuasion. Such an illustration is
manifested in the fable of Jonah and the whale.

But how is God’s wrath to be poured out without mixture? Because God’s wrath
is a provision for this manner of redemption unto men who are rebellious; and it cannot in
any way be altered or changed. But the wrath of God’s indignation which is going to
torment the rebellious ones with “fire and brimstone in the presence of the holy Angels,
and in the presence of the Lamb”; which means in the will of the Lamb. The Angels will
affect man’s conscience as it has never before been affected; and will also afflict them
with terrible discontent regarding their rash and willful decisions, and cause them to be
overcome by the effects of their own folly which will prove too serious for those who
worship the beast, to withstand.

Man’s conscience may be an easy matter when left with him alone; but when
afflicted by the spirits which, with the manifestations of greater laws, and the results of
willful sin, will be as fire and brimstone; and so bitter will be the results that even the
most hardened shall be overcome. For man will be permitted to first commit himself, and
then be seized with the results of his acts in a manner which he does not expect.
In this I have helped you to understand if you have been willing to be helped. Can
you not now see what the effect of this new movement will be upon those worshiping the
beast? And see also God’s great mercy; whereas before your understanding of this very
law He appeared to be a monster? For when men judge the words of the prophets with
their own minds, they lose their beauty, and take on the image of men’s hearts.
When God’s wrath is thought to be as men’s wrath, then God seems unmerciful
indeed; but when it is understood that God’s wrath is a manifestation of His love in a
manner to overcome men, then He is seen in His true likeness; and is expressed in mercy
and love beyond the understanding of men. But God’s love, which is also His wrath, will
torment men night and day who worship the beast, until they give up the folly of their
ways, and seek to serve Him. Then “the smoke of theirtorment will ascend upward
forever and ever.” For they will be tormented no longer when they serve God.
It is man’s false ambitions, and doing his own wishes that torment him. For were
it possible that man could be content with the results of his own accomplishments, then
he would be satisfied, and never wish to serve God; but would always work for a finite
cause instead of an infinite one. Therefore the evil results of sin which man suffers, is a
mercy extended to him; and is the means by which they are turned from their evil ways,
and caused to see the unimportance of working for individual privileges and advantages,
when God stands ever ready to be worshiped and served as an Infinite Master.
Then, 0 reader, receive willingly the hardships which you encounter. Accept them
as a chastisement for your disobedience, and as a means by which you will learn that God
should be served, and your own wishes be cast aside, that you may be inspired with
greater ones. For, behold, 0 man, the life of the flesh, as man now lives it is an
undesirable existence. Therefore God’s love for His children could not permit such a life
to be led in peace and harmony. For even with its trials and tribulations men cling to it,85
dreading to give it up; and even rebel against submitting one conviction or desire that is
formed in this disobedient existence. What then would be the result if God should permit
men to live peacefully in such a life?

Thus it comes that while man lives to serve himself alone, his discontent is caused
by wishing to obtain what he cannot get; or if he gets it he still desires something new.
This is all because the thing sought for can not satisfy, even when obtained. And
God has ordained that it shall be so for your own good.

To die for yourself is suicide; but to live for yourself is murder; so you can not do
either and expect to find contentment while God is merciful. Then why not submit to the
law of God? For to serve God always is the patience of the saints, and they are they that
keep the commandments of God, and the faith of Jesus. Behold, 0 man, if you can bring
yourself to desire only God’s work and will, and give up every ambition and every desire
of your own which is of a personal nature; and realize that what pleases you is of no
consequence unless you are good; then you will be led. Then, if you have trials, they will
be as no trials, but will be as pleasures and duties to perform; and shall cease to be as
labor. Then your works will follow you and bring you peace of mind upon earth and
redemption in Heaven.

Your trials will be in the Lord from thenceforth, and you will be as one blessed
who is dead, and dies in the Lord: which is but to say: labors for an all-wise purpose, and
suffers to conquer for an infinite cause which brings glory, even as Christ was crucified
to perform the glory of His Father which was in Heaven.

Then give up all you have and follow Christ. Give up your ambitions and personal
desires which are all you have, and you shall receive peace. For, can you imagine a man
without personal desires suffering because of not obtaining them? Do this thing which I
plead of you to do; for the time has come when the earth has reached its fullness and must
change. Behold, when an apple is ripe it must be plucked, or it falls to the ground. So it is
with the world, and the accomplishments of men. All things which are not infinite have a
fullness, and its fullness is its end. And such a state the world has now reached. The earth
in the hands of men has reached its fullness. And to remain longer in their hands means
the destruction even of God’s purpose, which cannot be destroyed.

Therefore, since the world has reached its fullness in the hands of men, it must
now pass into the hands and rule of one higher, one like unto the Son of Man. And in
such hands perform a higher and more glorious purpose, which purpose will be as a white
cloud; the cloud being the glory of the purpose, white and pure in essence, and without
guile, even as the Heavens are.

Then shall “the one who is like unto the Son of Man, and whosepurpose is like
unto the purpose of God, thrust into the earth which has reached its fullness, his sickle,
and will reap.” The sickle is the Spirits who come out of the temple which is in Heaven,
and out of the altar; which means that they come according to the commandment of the
holy and just law, performing the purpose of God and the Lamb:
“And will gather the vine of the earth and cast it into the great winepress of the
wrath of God.” Which means that they will overpower man in their own wills by their
manifestation of God’s love. And will show forth through revelation the injustice and
imperfection of the ways of men; and shall cause that every method practiced, and every
desire wished for by men shall be judged for them and proven to be contrary to God’s
law. The true works of the spirits shall judge the untrue works of men, “and the winepress 86
shall betrodden without thecity,” which means thattheworks ofmenshall betrodden
under foot and be cast down and make way for the establishment of the true laws of God.
This is the Holy City, New Jerusalem, “and blood will come out of the winepress, even
unto, the horses’ bridles,” which means to the great extent that men will be caused to
behold their own folly “by the space of a thousand and six hundred furlongs,” which
means the depth of man’s sin, and the length of time in which it will be overcome.
But why do I not give the length of time? Do you say that it is because I am
unable to? Be not so foolish. Have I not given enough to prove My power to give? The
reason that I do not give the length of time is because I foresee your curiosity, and also
know that it can not in any way aid your salvation, as I know your curiosity is aroused
only from a personal desire. Therefore I shall not gratify it; for all that I ask of you is that
which you should ask of yourselves to give unto God and be ready when the time comes.
What matters the time to you, since the time is in God’s hands. For if you are willing to
be his servants, then nothing matters to you but His will. Even so. Amen.

Now be willing, for it needs not understanding to be convinced that this comes
from God: only willingness.

Chapter XVIII

(About the United States of America)*

In the kingdom of God there is a fullness, no completeness, and no end. For in His kingdom there is no lack of variety; world without end; time in all eternity of the eternal eternities. Still, God's kingdom, not lacking perfection, shall never exhaust itself; and His servants shall never want for peaceful entertainment, nor for godly usefulness. And yet God's kingdom reaches to more than this, even to those most lowly, and even to that which is not immortal. For in God's kingdom even these things can be made to have no fullness, and no end but to obtain eternal light. But with that which rejects God's kingdom has for itself a fullness; its fullness is its end; and its end is complete; and complete is death.

Then what shall we say of Babylon, that great city of mortality where men are proud and haughty, but not godly. Where men rejoice over conveniences but laugh at duty; where they condemn the weak, oppress the poor, and confine the unfortunate but welcome the vain. Where men worship with claims, but cling to the world; where men marvel at invention but give God no glory; where men claim to uphold freedom, but live in slavery; where men claim they are Christians, but fight with swords; where men profess charity, but abuse their servants; where men claim to love, but hate each other; where men say they live with the stars, but live for money, and where men claim to be just, yet let others starve?

What about this great city? Shall she live forever? Shall she possess eternal life, or has she a fullness and has she an end? Wait, and I will tell you the nature of Babylon and then I will tell you the end. I will tell you who you are, then you will know your destiny.

Can you conceive of a government that cannot be improved? Are you able to form laws which cannot fail? If you can not, why then be proud, and why honor that which is beneath perfection, since it can not make you perfect? For what is country and what is place, what is family and what is birth, what is virtue and what is vice? Nothing but forms of concepts which fall far short of perfection. And being so, no man who worships such matters is free. And if you are not free, then you are not a child of God. For God's children worship only God who is Infinite, and than whom there is no greater.

Then if you are not a child of God, know well that you end in death and that you live in sin. But what shall become of sin? Has she an end? Sin has an end; but its end is in its fullness, and it has a fullness because of itself it is not complete, nor eternal.

In the time of Christ, in Jesus, the world had no wonders. Its life of wonderworking lay yet in the future. Therefore, much time still remained wherein sin could exist, and men's lives in the self-will could continue. But in the present age man finds himself not so destitute of worldly blessings. He has seen wonders in war; and governments have reached a height which has checked the minds of men to improve. But yet can the honest desirer for the welfare of the human race say that these governments are perfect, or that they are even successful except in depressing the unfortunate, and in helping the strong to become stronger while the weak become weaker?

And the world has wonders of travel, wonders of labor, time, and expense-saving machinery, and of these things men do not waste their opportunities to boast; yet they are neither thankful nor benevolent; but even more selfish.

What do these things show but the approach of the end, and the nearing of the fullness? Therefore, the greater the boasting the sooner it shall cease according to its own law of death. For God has ordained that each existence can live while it can perform upon its own strength. But when its performance has reached its fullness, its vitality will be exhausted and it will no longer be able to carry on. Then death results.

So it shall be with the reign of men in this mortal state, acting in accordance with their own wishes in disobedience and sin. But when governments have reached their heights, education its fullness, and invention is complete; mortality will then have exhausted its strength, and men will have lost their ambitions. Then sin will be at its end.

Shall there then be no mortal existence after these things have reached a fullness? Yes. But mortality will from thence forth depend upon God for its action and dictation, and will not be corrupted by its own ambitions and the evil uses which are now made of them. Sin will then cease. For men will act only through revelation. Therefore, know you this: That the attainment of these wonders is but a manifestation of the nearness of the end. For when these things are complete, man can no longer act in willfulness, as he will have nothing upon which to act. Therefore this great progress is permitted to hasten the end.

While these things continue to make men more selfish; or men become selfish over them; it is this very thing that will bring about the natural fall of Babylon, that great city which has become the habitation of devils, and the hold of every foul spirit; and a cage of every unclean and hateful bird at the head of which stands the United States of America, the land chosen by God to be the promised land; yet standing now as the great whore who is to be condemned and cast down; the admiration of men, but of which the kings of the earth have become drunken with the wine of her fornication. Of all places accused, the United States stands most accused in the sight of The Lord, your God, who shall demand justice from your hands.

But you say, have I not said that the great whore was mortality? Yes. But is not the united governments of the States of America mortal; and shall you not find it to be temporal; and the first to be cast into pieces and broken asunder by the decree of Heaven, of all the governments that now stand? Then is she not mortal, and does she not stand as the greatest, the most admired of all governments? Then, inasmuch as she stands thus, is she not at the head of men's governments? Do not all governments pattern after her? Then, though standing at the head of this, she allows the abominations of men's hearts. She is therefore the great whore, and shall be judged and shall fall, and shall no longer be admired.

But I speak of the fall of the United States. How shall she fall, being the first to fall? She shall not fall through war, or through contention with other countries; but shall fall through the rising up of her own people who shall demand freedom from her hands according to her claim; and though she is unable to yield; when she fails at the command she shall be overthrown by her own people who will condemn her false claims. This can not be checked, for it is the will of God that it shall be so. For it is in this land that His people shall rise up with revelation and with a perfect law. It is this land that shall be as a shelter for the multitudes seeking righteousness.

Therefore the government must be renovated, prepared, and changed, which is to be made ready under the hand of God. But first, it must fall; not through war with other nations; but its fall will be in its complete change. It is true that its government was first constituted upon the basis of freedom. But it has varied and deteriorated from this standard until it is now the hold of devils and unclean spirits where suffering and depression betides, and men live lavishly in the arms of selfishness.

But why have I spoken of this proud and haughty country known as the United States as being the most accused in the sight of God? Because it is the most prosperous, and yet the most selfish; the most favored, and yet the most boastful. It makes greater claims than other countries and yet does not perform for its people according to its claims.

It was established by pure motives, and held opportunities for all; but its institutions have hidden crime and covered from view the shame of selfish rulers. The crafty, under a false pretense of maintaining its purity, justice, and freedom have taken advantage of the privileges which it offered; and "the merchants of the earth have become rich through the abundance of her delicacies," as stated by John.

Therefore is the United States most accused by God because it has become the habitation of every unclean thing. Yet its opportunities were wonderful; and its people have been very progressive in worldly accomplishments. But now it is at its very climax in these matters. Some more improvements will yet be made, and some more modern conveniences and accomplishments will yet be conceived; but in spite of this the climate is arrived at in all these matters. And the point has now been reached where men must either retrogress, or become godly; for the extreme point in worldliness has nearly been reached. And it has been ordained that at this period of the world's existence, man shall not retrogress again, but must become godly.

This time the contention arising because of dissatisfaction with the rule of men will arise in its fury and sway man toward submission to God's law. Whereas in ages past it always resulted in the utter abolition of the standards of men. This would come again, were it not that revelation reappear to protect man in the midst of the great strife and confusion that is to envelop the world. And this ordinance of revelation concerns this action and the voice of Angels in the will of God which will warn men by their wisdom and lead men by their guidance speaking through the consciousness of men who will be prepared for that purpose. This is the voice that John speaks of which shall be heard from Heaven, saying: "Come out of her, my people, that ye be not partakers of her sins and that you receive not of her plagues." Were it not for this warning voice, and this helping hand, which will be heard and received by numbers and by scores, men would indeed fall victims to the consequences that will soon arise as a result of the world's sins and selfishness of men. And were men to fall victims to the consequences of it, the destruction of the human race from the face of the earth would follow. But the protecting hand of God is over man; therefore these evil consequences which would otherwise be, will be swayed even as the tree is swayed by the wind. And men shall not realize how critical was their condition until the time is past, and men turn their hearts to the purposes of the Infinite and Allwise.

I have stated that improvement is at its climax. But do I mean by this that there shall be no more improvements except in the small way which I have indicated? No. I would not convey that meaning. Therefore, understand when I say improvement has reached its climax, that I mean so under the old law, or the law which exists at the time of this writing. Greater things shall be than even now appears in the way of inventions. But it will not be until after the establishment of the new and holy law of revelation among the children of men. But then, when these things are accomplished, will be with a far different end in view than the objectives through which accomplishments are attained in this, the present age. For the purpose of all endeavor, after the establishment of government by revelation, will be to serve God, and to offer a means by which man may more easily do so.

But how different are the present objects for which men labor? Selfishness prompts the ambition to invent; selfishness stirs within each worker the same. And after the accomplishment has been effected, it is taken into use for selfish purposes. Improvements under these base heads are at their climax. Selfish motive has reached the utmost limit of its strength; and the only strength above it remains now in the heavens and in the minds of Angels who will not prompt, through selfish motives, their knowledge to man. But they will change man's nature, and then give unto him their wisdom and the benefit of their guidance.

But the world, of itself, is at its height, figuratively speaking. And the power above it is Heaven. By itself it can do no more unless it were to destroy itself and start afresh; which is not to be. But because it can do no more, nor reach any higher within its own limits is what was meant by these words of John which designated this time of which I speak.

"For her sins have reached unto Heaven, and God hath remembered her iniquities." These are the words of John, and their meaning I have clearly defined. But when God shall remember her, He shall reward her doubly in her chastisement. And it is in this chastisement that the United States shall be the first to receive her judgment. Watch the sorrow of her downfall; for it is the United States which stands at the head in improvements, and at the head in claims. It is she that has "glorified herself and lived deliciously; and equal torment and sorrow she shall have, for she hath not dealt justly with her peoples." But has become divided into classes; one class oppressing the other, and through this oppression has become so corrupt in politics as to lose her honor.

And yet she says in her heart: "I am a queen and am no widow, and shall see no sorrow." Therefore shall her plagues come in one day. Which means that the United States will be at the head in progress until the light is reached; which could not have been reached so rapidly had God permitted her to be molested in the meantime, as her unrighteous attitude would otherwise deserve. But after the day of fullness is reached, then shall she be utterly burned with fire, for strong is the Lord God who judges her.

The fire which is to burn her is the revealment of her unrighteous ways which have been kept down for a purpose until the purpose was gained; and the most rapid state of fullness reached. Then shall the claim of freedom and protection be demanded of the United States, and she shall be found the most corrupt of the corruptible; the most unjust of the unjust. And the kings of the earth who have committed fornication and lived deliciously under the banner of freedom and justice, which they have betrayed, "shall bewail her, and lament for her when they see the smoke of her burning"; which is the result of the exposure which will come from the demands of the people who have too long been satisfied, and deceived by smooth speeches and false claims, were it not that a purpose of God's lay as the secret therein.

But when this exposure is made regarding the injustice done the people, not alone in the United States; but in all countries; and the people become conscious that their rights are abused, and that the masses need not submit to the few; then shall these few who are the kings of the earth and who have enjoyed the wealth of the world and the slavery of the masses, "stand afar off for fear of the torment," which is for fear of the truth which they are unable to withstand. For truth is as a torment to injustice, and to all who take part in and execute unjust laws.

They shall behold the approach of their loss of power, saying: "Alas, alas, the great city Babylon, that mighty city; for in one hour is thy judgment come." And the time will, indeed, be so short that it will be but as one hour compared with the great time in which worldliness has reigned upon the earth, and selfish motives have dwelt in the hearts of men; for this has not been a Godly earth; and God's will has not been done upon the earth as in Heaven.

But the objects of men are to be changed, and their hearts shall be purified, for out of this change will emerge a new earth where the merchants of selfish motives and worldly ambitions will lose their authority and power over others, because the light which will come concerning the true and just God shall cause this darkness to pass away. Then "men will no longer strive for gold and silver and precious stones and pearls and fine linen and purple and silk and scarlet and all manner of vessels of ivory and of most precious wood, and of brass and of iron and marble," for men will not be selfish over these things, nor put upon them false values.

The coming of revelation will destroy the value that men now see in these things, and in powerless men. For behold, in one hour shall all of this be made desolate and seem great no longer; but shall be used only as necessities unselfishly enjoyed, accessible to all, even as there is plenty. Then shall men call upon the Lord, and keep holy His name; and selfishness shall cease. Which can not be so long as men strive with each other to gain worthless stones, and admire false fame; honoring men as finite gods, when, of a truth, all men are equal, and all laws imperfect, except the one law of God established by Jesus Christ.

And what shall this overthrow of worldly power be, but the vengeance of the holy apostles and the prophets, for is not the vengeance of the prophets like the mercy of God, just and holy? And will not this great change be brought about through their works, and their good will toward men?

This submission to God, which was established and rejected, but withheld to be fulfilled in this later day when men would tire of the world and be prepared for the reception of the Holy Ghost which has not been given since the time of Christ's apostles up to the present time; when it is to be again given, and to overshadow the whole world, and dictate to the hearts of men their duties to God and to men as servants of God.

The reappearance of the Holy Ghost is the great stone which was to be taken up by the Angel and cast into the sea, saying: "Thus, with violence shall that great city, Babylon, be thrown down, and found no more at all." For the Holy Ghost, when it descends upon men will change their hearts, their ambitions, and their motives. It will uncover their blindness and lighten their darkness. Then the candle of men's judgment will no longer shine to deceive men regarding the truth. For when the Holy Ghost shall descend upon the earth, then will there be found the works of prophets and saints, and all the holy things which the world rejected; which is: "all that were slain upon the earth." Amen