by Victor "Vyasa" Landa


A conventional interpretation of this term refers to the communication with those who have left their body, or more clearly between living beings and those who no longer are alive on the planet.

 Even though it is condemned by some, looked upon with curiosity by others and taken very seriously by those who practice it, Spiritism as defined above has actually been part of humanity since time immemorial. Ancient civilizations as far back as the Egyptians and even earlier and indigenous cultures were or continue to be completely identified with it. 

 So what about today? We must first establish some parameters for the use of this word. Since the 1950’s a movement has grown exponentially based on factual communication with disincarnated human beings around which a doctrine based on Charity and Morality has developed. Spiritism in this special sense doesn’t claim or pretend to be a religion but just to uphold the moral teachings of Jesus Christ as revealed and interpreted from multiple communications with elevated spiritual beings. Their declared purpose is to foster the Spiritual development of humankind.

 The Spirits’ work is done through mediums-- individuals with a proven capacity to act as intermediaries and convey the messages. There are five books produced in this manner authored by Allan Kardec that constitute the foundation of the doctrine.

 They are; The Spirits Book, The Mediums Book, The Gospel According to Spiritism, Genesis  & Heaven and Hell.

 There are 12,000 Spiritist centers in Brazil that provide completely free health care and social assistance. It is said that they provide more assistance to the population than do the government and Catholic Charities combined.

 There are hundreds of books psychographed (meaning, dictated by a spirit and written down by a medium) containing the experiences in the spiritual world of those who have gone beyond their physical existence. Fascinating descriptions are provided of how life goes on in the world on which those spirits operate.  At present there are movies about this like Nosso Lar (“Our Home”) and A Vida Continua (“And Life Goes On”).

 The word Spiritism may also bring to mind practices like Santeria, Vudu  Candomble, Macumba, etc. however, those practices are more folkloric  and are not generally looked upon as beneficial  given that they are often portrayed as prone to be used with spirits that cause injury and or bring about improper benefits to the invoker.

 Joao de Deus is a living example of a new vision in the practice of Spiritism, in the sense that one of the main purposes of his service is to give factual proof of the reality of the spiritual world.

He does that by performing physical surgeries in public, anybody can stand next to him to watch. Using a knife Joao de Deus—or the Spirit Entity using medium Joa’s body-- cuts the place of the patient that needs to be treated, removes tumors and then sews the wound closed with thread and needle. The patient is completely aware during the whole procedure that this is done without anesthesia. The strking aspect of these demonstrations are there is no pain, practically no bleeding, and no infection has ever happened. He specially invites medical doctors who are present and any scientist who would be willing to verify, that there is no sterilization of any kind in the place that this is done, which is open to nature,. It is well known that in the most modern hospitals with the most up to date technology and stringent sterilization protocols,  infections have still  not been controlled and are the cause of innumerable deaths.

These public demonstrative surgeries serve to prove that materialistic science has crippled our mental, emotional, psychological and spiritual lives  by imposing a belief system that denies the existence of spiritual and cosmic laws that govern the universe.

 Another astounding aspect is that Joao de Deus is a “full trance medium”, that is when the spirit that uses his body comes in, he loses completely his consciousness and doesn’t know anything of what his body is doing under the control of the spirit operating it.

Joao de Deus and his associates clearly state that the physical surgeries in reality are not necessary; that  the same healing is accomplished for the vast majority of the people who come for treatment solely at an energetic level, without the physical intervention, but that these are done to help people realize the existence of the spiritual laws. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZfjYzzxU4V8&NR=1&feature=endscreen

 The teachings are very much in line with the Yoga teachings and the teachings of the Essene Brotherhood.    

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