Food For The Soul

Just as our physical bodies need nourishment in order to survive and thrive, so do our spiritual bodies need access to an ongoing source of sustenance. It is our intention to make these pages a portal to the wellspring of spiritual manna provided by our Heavenly Father and the great masters of all time.  As the website develops we will expand the offerings which we hope, along with the beauty and wonder of His creation, will be a source of food for your spirit. 

You may want to start by reading the Essene Gospel of Peace Book 1, a beautiful text in which Christ makes a clear connection between the care of our bodies and the condition of our souls. The Essene Communions and the Sevenfold Path of Peace are daily spiritual readings and exercises that call upon the angels to assist in our journey along the spiritual path. The inter-denominational Morning Communal Prayers, a sampling of the devotional expressions of the great religions of the world, bring to light the common understanding at the core of all these belief systems. We invite you to explore these pages and we look forward to bringing you more Food for the Soul. 

The Essene Gospel of Peace