Food For The Body

The following pages offer different aspects on the connection between the food we eat and our spiritual health.  The Essene Philosophy on Nature and Gardening is a collection of excerpts from the Essene Gospels of Peace and the Essene Communions and Sevenfold Path of Peace.  The Value of Good Nutrition and Why Living Food offer practical information on nourishing our bodies with pure food that serves to nourish the spirit as well. In Feeding the Homeless and Karma Yoga Projects we share ways in which the Essene Church of Peace has been inspired to bring the benefits of "real food" to others. Theology of the Sickle is a comprehensive plan for sharing the best, most vital and life-sustaining  food with all our brothers and sisters.  And Legend of the Grain of Wisdom is an ancient story of the sage, Zoroaster, retold by K.E. Eduljee.  Enjoy!

The Essene Philosophy on Nature and Gardening