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  • The efforts of translating the Bible from its original languages into over 2,000 others have spanned more than two millennia.
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New English Bible Illustrated (Bible Neb)
New English Bible Illustrated (Bible Neb)
The New Testament of the New English Bible was first published in 1961 with a complete text available from 1970. This translation was the first to render the scriptures into contemporary English and to depart from the traditional linguistic style of the Authorized Version . Over the years the translation has come to be regarded as a classic text and it became a best-seller in many countries around the world. In 1989 its successor, the Revised English Bible , was published to great acclaim but there remain a significant number of readers who favour the NEB . This stunning edition - featuring the well-known line drawings by Horace Knowles - reintroduces the much-loved NEB text back into the Oxford list after an absence of nearly two years. This book is intended for committed users of the New English Bible text. Those preferring a literary translation of the Bible.

Long Ride Home
Long Ride Home
The Long Ride Home March 25, 2008 In the sleeve notes, Capitol makes grand claims for Frank Sinatra’s 1955 album In the Wee Small Hours: “When Sinatra joined Capitol Records in the spring of 1953, the long-play record was just beginning to come into its own. Although it had been introduced as early as 1948, it took the LP some years to establish itself with the record-buying public as an alternative to the 78 and 45-rpm single. By the early 1950s, however, the LP's convenience and superior sound quality had been widely recognized, production of LPs and the phonographs on which to play them were accelerating at ever increasing rates, and "high fidelity," as it was then termed, was beginning to gather momentum. At first, LPs simply were viewed as single-disc substitutes for the bulky, inconvenient album in which anywhere from three to six single recordings by a performer had been packaged. (The term "album" to describe the LP was in fact a holdover from the days of these repackaged singles.) And like the albums they replaced, LPs generally were little more than randomly compiled collections of hits by performers of the day. Sinatra, however, changed all this. Recognizing the real potential of the LP both in terms of allowing performances to be extended beyond the time limitations of the conventional single recording, as well in conveying a consistent, uniform emotional mood, Sinatra and his producers reassessed the recording process and began working towards the production of albums that were true, complete musical entities in themselves, linked by shared or similar emotional and thematic consistencies among the songs comprising the LP. The singer's first 10" Capitol albums, Songs For Young Lovers and Swing Easy, each containing eight selections, were unified by common musical-conceptual goals, and were later successfully combined onto a single 12" album. In The Wee Small Hours, on the other hand, carried this ideal of focused emotional consistency much further than either of these earlier efforts, all the songs having been chosen and their orchestrations designed to convey a uniform mood of wistful melancholy that is almost elegaic in character, sad without ever being merely cloying or suggesting desperation, and all carried forward with a touching, unaffected beauty of expression that owes as much to Nelson Riddle's spare, understated writing as it does to the deep emotional persuasiveness of Sinatra's all-but-perfect singing throughout this lovely program” (Welding). In other words, if the above is true, Sinatra basically invented the musical form I grew up with. Suffice to say, the album itself turns out to be a perfect companion for long rides home alone after gigs. Patty Griffin’s 1000 Kisses (2002) is melancholy too, but not similarly. The album’s centerpiece is “Long Ride Home,” as poisoned a tale of thankless parting as you’re ever likely to hear. This is music to grieve by, beaten up and done as anything Bill Morrissey has recorded. I was already familiar with “Long Ride Home.” Nothing else on the album comes close to it. How have I missed Robert Fayrfax until now? It’s true that my ignorance of English sacred music is just about complete, but Fayrfax (1464 – 1521, sometimes Fairfax, Fairfaux, Feyrefax ) “. . . was widely recognised as the most distinguished musician of his time, his music continued to be copied into manuscripts more than a century after his death and his ingenious compositional innovations served as a model to the many famous names which followed him” (David Skinner). Fayrfax’s choral Latin for church choir creates exactly that “cloud of abstract beauty” I was complaining about missing in the English sacred songs of William Byrd, but this cloud has more depth and modeling even than the Miserere of Allegri I have so long enjoyed. Fayrfax’s music is the closest I’ve heard to the angels yet. Paul Robeson was the possessor of a voice that became a byword, not to mention his stature as a giant of black history, if a controversial supporter of Soviet communism, and of Stalin in particular. For me, I regret to say that the stuff gathered on this particular collection, from 1928-39, is too dated now and carries too much historical baggage, and this is from someone who can enjoy McCormack recordings from the turn of the twentieth century. That isn’t to say that I won’t look out for other Robeson recordings and movies, and to continue to research this fascinating character. I picked up Kate Bush’s Hounds of Love (1985) this time because it’s a classic and I wanted to hear it again. I rate Bjork’s 1970’s/80’s precursor Kate as one of the great female innovators in rock, and I was greatly disappointed by her recent comeback album, Aerial. Hounds of Love is the benchmark anything she does now has to be measured against. My final two picks made a fascinating pair. Cat Stevens’s Tea for the Tillerman was his breakthrough 1970 album, containing several t
the fleamarket is a fucking goldmine!
the fleamarket is a fucking goldmine!
One does never get enough of cultural artifacts. Although my main intention is to actually read these, you have to admit they make a good impression in the bookshelf :). I used to cherrypick classics online and I still do for stuff that better resemble my specific taste. The problem is it costs too much just to buy a bunch of them. Then I saw that the fleamarket had a decent selection of classics if you just take your time and search for them. I can't claim all of these are favorites, but at least most of them I know are popular classics and are of great importance if you want to understand the history of western culture. The cons are that almost all of them are paperbacks, which means they won't last forever like the hardcovered ones. I don't really care though, most of them cost 20 sek (2 dollars these days). I'll buy my own library when I get rich and famous.
new english bible online
The Holy Bible: King James Version and World English Bible (Unexpurgated Edition) (Halcyon Classics)
This ebook edition contains two popular translations of the Holy Bible. The first is the complete The King James version translated from the original Greek and Hebrew and first published in 1611. This edition includes both the Old and New Testaments with an active table of contents for easy navigation.

The second Bible included in this ebook is the World English Bible, a modern updated translation of the American Standard Version of the Bible. This edition includes both the Old and New Testaments with an active table of contents for easy navigation.

This unexpurgated edition contains the complete text with errors and omissions corrected.