New England Defensive Training LLC - School of Self Defense

We are a school specializing in providing the best first aid and self-defense training to the public possible. We normally focus on small groups of five or more, like families, friends, clubs, companies, churches, Scouts or other organizations. This is not a tactical school, this is a school focused on training people in only how to react to critical situations whether they be violent or medical in nature. The school focuses around five main tenets:

Prepare - We realize that bad things happen to all people, and the better prepared you are to cope with those situations the higher your chances to prevailing through it. When under the stress of an violent or other crisis situation we all fall to your lowest level of training not our highest. To that end it is important that we are constantly learning new skills, improving and practice the ones we have and objectively look at  your weakness as places to improve.

Recognize - Too often we reject our instincts and our own observations about people and situations because we believe that is can not happen to us, it is not happening, or that no one would really do that. The skills and techniques taught here are simply tools to make better decisions due to observations of your surroundings.

Avoid - It is in everyone's best interests to avoid conflict and injury.This often comes at the expense of something else we normally do not want to give up, money, time, ego and pride, etc. No one "wins" when it comes to violence there is are only survivors, this applies to all violence from school yard fights to the most savage of attacks. As such it is again important to avoid these situations normally it only requires small changes to peoples habits.

Defend - When all else fails you must defend yourself and your loved ones ethically, morally, and legally. 

Aid - People do get hurt and need helped. If you are willing to take a life in the defense or yourself or others then you better be willing to save a life. 

Why do I not run open classes that often? I like to teach smaller groups of people who have some affiliation already. Open classes are always a gamble for scheduling, and I want to provide the most convenient times for my customers and respect the range that I am associated with (Norway-Paris Fish & Game Association). By running the majority of my classes for small groups I am able to provide training where and when is best for the group and keep my overhead lower, which allow me to keep my prices low.