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November 16th-19th, 2010
Venue: Biological Sciences Lecture Theatre
University of New England, Armidale, NSW, Australia
 Abstract submission closed
Tectonics, Resources and Mineral Prospectivity: A celebration of 70+ years of geology at New England University College of the University of Sydney (1939) and the University of New England (1954) and the launch of the New England granites database (50 years in the making)

Program summary - final program schedule available!

Day 1 - Tue 16 Nov. - The Peter Flood Tectonics Symposium. Honouring the 40+ years contributions of Peter Flood.

Keynote - John Dewey
Papers on terranes, tectonics, stratigraphy, geochronology
Conference Dinner 7.30pm

Day 2 - Wed 17 Nov. - Inter-symposia Excursions

1. Armidale –Bingara (tectonics, terranes, lithologies, Great Serpentinite Belt, Peel Fault)

2. Hillgrove + Halls Peak (ore deposit geology and exploration and environmental)
3. Wongwibinda (metamorphism, tectonics and structure)
4. or optional golf day

Day 3 - Thur 18 Nov. - New England Alumni Symposium

Morning - Invited papers on experiences of UNE graduates in Academia, Government and exploration/mining professional life

The Bruce Chappell Granites Symposium

Launch by Bruce Chappell of The New England Granites Database (50 years in the making). Copies will be available for sale.
Keynote - Phil Blevin (DPI) - Intrusion related mineralisation in the New England
Afternoon - presentations on New England granites including geothermal potential of the region

Day 4 - Fri 19 Nov. - The Paul Ashley Mineral Resources Symposium sponsored by AusIMM: Mineral Prospectivity of the New England and adjacent regions

Papers on mineralisation, mineral prospects and general potential of New England and adjacent regions (Gunnedah and Clarence Basins)

Various displays of drill-core from prospects of interest and Gunnedah Basin Coal core together with Clarence Basin core cuttingsAbstracts and Publication 

The extended abstracts for this conference are expected to be published by Geoscience Australia. 

It is expected that papers will be selected for publication in special editions of the journals i) Australian Journal of Earth Sciences and ii) Resource Geology.

Organising Committee

For further information, expressions of interest in submitting a paper, or addition to the mailing list please contact a member of the organising committee: 

Peter Flood (University of New England): pflood@une.edu.au
Bruce Chappell (University of Wollongong): brucec@uow.edu.au
Solomon Buckman (University of Wollongong): solomon@uow.edu.au
Phillip Blevin (Industry & Investment NSW, Geological Survey): phil.blevin@dpi.nsw.gov.au
Mel Jones (De Re Metallica): deremetallica@bigpond.com
Paul Ashley (University of New England): pashley@une.edu.au
Jonathan Aitchison (University of Hong Kong): jona@hku.hk
John Patterson (University of New England): jpater20@une.edu.au