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Aireface: Zoey and Vaughn, Siblings

Names and Ages: Vaughn, age 6; Zoey, age 11
Where do you live? Taunton, MA
How did you get your name? Vaughn: Ever heard of Billy Ray?  My first owner really liked him!  Zoey: It was my owner's grandmother's name.
What are your nicknames? Vaughn: Bubby; Zoey: Big Girl
What were you doing when they took this picture?  Vaughn: Trying to figure out how to get the birds in the bush!  Zoey: My brother Vaughn and I are enjoying the smell of clean clothes... I taught him all about this!  Are there any other Airedales with this fetish?

Where/how/why did you end up in your current home?  Vaughn: When I was 1 my owner decided she could not give me the time that I needed so I was given up for adoption.  I now have a big sister Zoey and a new family that I really like!  Zoey: My breeder gave me to my owners because I have a birth defect in my back.  I came here with my sister but she passed at 5 years.  I was very sad until my parents found Vaughn.

What makes you happy? Vaughn: Everything... especially my family and taking a walk.  Zoey: My family and food and my grandchildren.  I also like to take walks with Vaughn.

What do you work hardest to avoid?  Vaughn: Don't like to have Zoey mad at me!  Zoey: Vaughn when he is outside and decides to try and scare me by racing by me.
Do you know any special tricks? Vaughn: I've become very good at keeping my yard clear of rodents, snakes and anything else that crosses my path.  Zoey: I can really be a PITA when dinner is late!
What do you like most about your people?  Vaughn: They love me!  I also now have 4 grandchildren that I really love and enjoy.  Zoey: They love me and make sure I am well taken care of.  When Vaughn was adopted by our familiy and he went to the Vet for the first time I heard the Vet say "Vaughn, I think you hit the lottery".