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AireFace: Meet Vladimir Jacob

Name and Age:
 Vladimir Jacob, 9 
Where do you live? Alexandria, NH
How did you get your name? My name was Vladimir when I came here and it suits me so my people kept it. They added Jacob for my Chocolate Lab brother who passed away in Feb 2008. 
What are your nicknames? Vladdie, Schmear, Goober, Marmaduke ( I do act like him sometimes)
What were you doing when they took this picture?  Posing for the picture. I AM very handsome they tell me. 

Where/how/why did you end up in your current home?  I was rescued from VA. Daisy (my sister) was beating up on Katonah so much he needed a relief pitcher.
What makes you happy?  Life. In particular my food is VERY important. I love to play with Daisy and chase the cats. I really love my Dad and we talk to each other.

What do you work hardest to avoid?  Grooming.  Yuck.
Do you know any special tricks?  I roll over.  If you talk to me, I will answer.
What do you like most about your people?  They love me. I had been left out in a kennel and I get very scared of the thunder. They have a special place for me to go where I feel secure. They hug me and talk to me and love me. I can't get enough of that.