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AireFace: Meet Tansy

Name and Age: Tansy, 7 years old  
Where do you live? Lunenburg, Massachusetts
How did you get your name?  My full name is Nipmuc's Spice of Life because I'm SPICY.
What are your nicknames?  I was wearing a yellow collar and Tansy is an herb with a yellow flower so that is my call name. Sometimes they call me fuzz head.
What were you doing when they took this picture?  Skiing with mom.
Where/how/why did you end up in your current home?  My family had an Airedale that was getting too old for some sports so they added MEE.
What makes you happy?  Doing anything with Mom.
What do you work hardest to avoid? I try hard not to get caught counter surfing.
Do you know any special tricks? I have done agility, canine musical freestyle and some scootering and ski joring.
What do you like most about your people?  They do lots of fun things with me.