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Aireface: Meet Hooligan

Name and Age: 
Hooligan, 10 years old
Where do you live? Litchfield, Connecticut
How did you get your name?  My parent's named me and I lived up to the name!
What are your nicknames?  Hooly Bear, Hoo Hoo, Mr. Hools and Cutie Pants
What were you doing when they took this picture?  Sitting patiently so that my mom right reward me with a cookie. Notice how pathetically cute I can look.
Where/how/why did you end up in your current home?  My family needed an Airedale badly and there were none for adoption. So they drove down to PA and got me from a breeder. lucky for them, huh?
What makes you happy?  Getting lots of attention from the family. Being snuggled in a blanket and told how wonderful I am. Stealing treats off the counter, I am a pro at this!! The humans never learn. 
What do you work hardest to avoid? Getting my nails clipped and having baths-I don't know why they insist on doing this to me!
Do you know any special tricks?  Oh yes, every morning I run over to my lazy Airedale sister Grace and bother her until she jumps up and chases me around. She really can take me down but it is fun!
What do you like most about your people?  They really know how lucky the are having adorable Airedales in their lives and they treat us special!