Aireface: Meet Daisy

Name and Age: Sweet Daisy May, 9

Where do you live? Alexandria, NH

How did you get your name? Sweet is for "Sweetie" my human's first Airedale. Daisy was my name from Virginia Airedale Rescue. May is for Mom's Maggie May, a Maremma!!

What are your nicknames? Woogie Woo, Princess

What were you doing when they took this picture? Playing "woogie" with my Dad.

Where/how/why did you end up in your current home? I was in two homes and a foster home in VA. When Sweetie passed away my people needed an Airedale for my big brother Katonah to play with! I think they needed me too.

What makes you happy? Everything!!I love my brothers. I love to chase the cats, my food, going for a ride, meeting new people. I can't seem to stop wagging my tail.

What do you work hardest to avoid? Getting my nails cut - ewwwww

Do you know any special tricks? Tricks?!! I am a Princess. I am adored and pampered. Not necessary for ME to do tricks.

What do you like most about your people? They adore me.