Aireface: Tallulah

Names and Ages:
Tallulah Barkhead Kretchko

Where do you live? New Milford, CT
How did you get your name? I was given at birth the name Too Cute. When my new family came they to pick me up they started calling me Tallulah. It kind off sounded like Too Cute so I answered to Tallulah.
What are your nicknames? Lula because the little grand baby cannot say my name. Good Girl because I am.
What were you doing when they took this picture?  Trying to settle in to watch last years Oscars. 

Where/how/why did you end up in your current home?  The first family did noted me anymore because I was done having puppies. The second family said I was too big and strong for them so now I have my real family.

What makes you happy? When I escape out the door and get to chase a squid ill or that neighbor. Cat that is always trying my patience.

What do you work hardest to avoid?  Walking in water or taking a bath.
Do you know any special tricks? I obey every command but I pretend that I don't hear them calling if I am chasing those squirrels.
What do you like most about your people?  They let me on the couch in the evening to watch tv and that they love me more than anyone every could imagine.