Note to COP15 Minister...

Dec 08/2009
Dear Minister,

You did give a nice speech,however politicians can never tender ' solutions' . Its great to be diplomatic and pragmatic, but no degree of discussion really changes the status quo. People may defy the scientists, but what you see unfolding does not lie. Since 2007, I sent numerous communications to various govts, and depts. Amazingly, response : zero.

The biggest conferences on the earth are really worth nothing when no ' solutions' are presented. Things like ' carbon gaps' are really nice sounding words lacking any practicality, when the lives of people remain under threat. Climate change/energy/global unemployment/financial meltdown are all inextricably linked.
Problems are not impossible to remedy, but deafness is sometimes incurable.

New clean energy in abundance does have the power to offset carbon emissions. It also possesses the regenerative component that no global stimulu packages contain. Is it difficult for you to see that energy costs are rising at a really unsustainable rate, and global unemployment is on the rise??  Do you perhaps recognise that no economies will really revive globally while the middle class workers disappear?
Do you really think wind and solar can provide ?? Scientists and common sense should let you know it's neither possible nor cost effective.
When someone up there is actually serious about clean energy solutions globally, then perhaps let me know. For now, it seems governments are really too big to listen.

Since US is the biggest country, with all the means, I had addressed this directly:
Mr Obama did promise to listen..factually the cost of listening is invariably less than the cost of not listening. Sec Chu is unreachable, so perhaps this world conference is the same...just a charade to give the illusion of concern about the climate. It is a bit strange since even demonstrators are in the same boat, which is rapidly sinking..I suppose it was glad to hear you address it as the ' deadline '

Re: New Clean Energy to address US Financial Deficit , and Infrastructure.

In the light of the current US and global meltdown, I would like to propose an energy solution to the US Senate, to conceptually address the issue of powering the US electricity grid via a totally new, and unknown method of clean power that with implementation will create a sustainable energy yield, outstripping the sum yield of wind/solar and bio-fuels combined, at a lesser cost. Statistically, you understand that current costs are projected in $ trillions, with these methods neither meeting energy demand, nor can they be sustained by the taxpayer.

As you can plainly see, the US deficit is constantly expanding, with current stimulus fully lacking any regenerative component. Continued stimulus is unsustainable and continued economic injection, with no job growth and up-spiralling costs of living on everything from small business to high energy costs to food prices create a dangerous position not only for every US citizen, but for every nation across the globe.

Below, are the very  basic spinoffs that can be derived from a totally  NEW concept implementation:

1-      An entirely new stream of clean power injected into the national grid daily, in sustainable and expandable levels, making massive investment into wind, and solar power only necessary where practical, without forced loss, in creating projects that may be termed as ‘energy production with efficiency’ , but factually neither produce or sustain any yield, in relation to cost.

2-      Millions of jobs will be created throughout every energy sector, and all related job sectors. ( In essence concept implementation means reviving every steel plant across USA) Every related industry, and existing job markets will be revived, together with the creation of totally new employment initiatives. Employment is not restricted to only the very high technically skilled, but ensures that even unskilled can be employed , so creates employment from the ground up. Concept implementation can begin within months.

3-      The ability to lower foreign oil dependence, translating into all the offshoot related spinoffs, the initial one being the massive cost. Currently, no known method out of all the known green methods has any capability to offset oil dependence in any degree that can be deemed effective cost savings.

4-      The lowering of carbon emissions , and systematic short term reduction of such emissions. A new availability of electricity, makes it possible to repower electric vehicles, making current technology viable, and also cost effective. This fits directly into the aims of reducing global emissions, and concept implementation can provide systematic and structured moves, to accomplish this aim.

5-      High Volume Electricity use, is present in the production of every essential known in absolutely every aspect of society. If we take the example of ‘cars’ , the energy cost in production is substantially high. Expansive energy resource does contribute to lowered cost. Technically, even new technology hybrids, are not viable in the current environment, because even if they become affordable, energy costs to power them are excessive, and rising.

6-      Stock Market regeneration nationally and internationally is guaranteed. Energy accounts for a substantial portion of GDP output, and concept implementation ensures regeneration by $ trillions.

7-      Infrastructure can be addressed, simultaneously ensuring multiple facets of lowered cost in every aspect of society.

8-      Governmental oversight over every private sector implementation, ensures a high degree of regulatory standards are adhered to, without government ‘intervention’ in the private sector. In essence, since the basis of the concept implementation must filter down to private sector in the way of public works projects, it means that strict controls can be in place regarding qualification, safety, rollout etc.

9-      Technology : Academic Institutions will be able to take an entirely new direction in engineering, architecture, design, research, modification and implementation capabilities.

10-  International Energy Summit : The nature of the concept makes provision for US to introduce the concept internationally, securing intergovernmental agreements on use/shared technologies and also allowing USA to recoup by sale of the concept at the said summit.


Proposed Conditions of Concept Tender.


If within your means to take this proposal to the Senate floor for due consideration:


1-      The nature of the concept is to be tendered within the strict confines of a Senate drafted governmental agreement signed by the President and to remain top secret due to the proposal of being effective under international release under note #10.

2-      The US Federal Government should assign the task priority to one of its verification departments practically composed of:  electrical engineers, architects, scientists, structural engineers and other related technical staff to verify that all complies with the abovementioned spinoffs.

3-      The verification period for viability tests will be 21 days, at the end of which the report is to be submitted to the President.

4-      In terms of the prescribed agreement, on the verification of the findings fulfilling the 10 point spinoffs, the cost of the concept is to be paid.

The above is the basis of regenerating an economy. Aspects such as health care, education and other social projects can really only be attended to, if a nation has an active ‘workforce’. Iron solutions, really have their roots in very simple building blocks.

The offer is on the table really...and perhaps the challenge goes out to all the scientists and governments on the globe. Unfortunately, in this boat there is no degree of oratory eloquence, global summit or political aspiration that can prevent it sinking..Perhaps I sound a bit terse, so please excuse me, but politicians and promises are not really practical responses to a critical situation.

Speeches for the media swallowup are great..but the reality is that tomorrow is just another day closer to demise for many. Since its the ' deadline' as you put it, then I do challenge the world leaders.

The questions left will always be political...but have you known politics to deliver a practical ' answer' ?? 

To say ' Let's get it done!'  actually first means you need to know exactly what to do, and since nobody at government levels has a clue about exactly what to do, then I like many others on the globe have to wonder exactly what it is.

There is a time when words, like time run out for people...You're right..the time for rhetoric, and philosophy is now over. All may have brilliant skills at debate , but can any politician or scientist outmatch the size of the problem with a viable solution? The answer to that is easy...none.