An address to President Obama

President Obama has a gift for eloquent speech, and is politically astute in terms of getting around, but unfortunately political prowess, does not equal 'economic solution'. Having the wisdom to actually 'listen' is what separates the wise, from fools. The invigorating speech , and YES WE CAN, all evaporate into nothings, in the light of reality. YES WE CAN , shall turn into Yes we can? Um..errr...well, perhaps some of those promises will need to wait. Rolling speech and dribbling with words that might rival Ronaldo, may impress many, and give the illusion of brilliance, but realisation may take a while to dawn on many that Mr Obama's attempts at stimulus, will only serve to land US in the biggest deficit in the history of USA. Why? It has zero regenerative component, other than to provide liquidity to institutions that will never become profitable. In a nutshell, taxpayers, and 'borrowed money' is now being thrown onto a financial bonfire.
My input is not to chastise the President without cause, but to insist that he use his power to 'listen' first, and then perhaps continue with decisionmaking processes. If anything in my commentary seems harsh, remember that the reality of the crisis is also very stark,and harsh. The aim is to address the issue, and not really allow it to expand further with every passing day. I am, and have been opposed to general 'democrat' policy , the same as I oppose many other policies of 'republicans' , so essentially I am not motivated by party alignments. President Obama is in exactly the same situation John McCain would have been in, if he had won...regarding ' a solution to the financial meltdown' Other issues in government - well, thats just politics, and sides can agree/disagree/score points/enhance their careers etc..thats just 'politics'..The financial meltdown however, actually affects whether people live or die, across the globe. In its current state, I still hold firm that President Obama's stimulus package, will only serve to land USA in a DEFICIT it will never recover from. From the outset, I felt Pres. Obama's economics policy to be 'dangerous' - I still think that , and its ok to disagree.
I differ within reasons that explain themselves in the loss taxpayers have already experienced in what was politely called TARP.
NEW Clean Energy Solution to address US and Global Meltdown.
In the light of the current situation, and considering that governments are too celebrity-like to respond, its perhaps necessary to share information with others, in the hope that politicians do get to hear somehow.

I offered to regenerate the US economy, by providing a NEW clean energy solution that provides more energy than the COMBINED energy yield of ALL known renewable energy methods, at a fraction of the current costs with the added bonus that it systematically reduces oil dependance.

Communications to the Fed, state depts, governors etc all get zero, talk about being 'asleep at the switch' - they all are. As in many cases preceding disasters, governments are warned- nobody listens. So, the fallouts across 2009 will be massive. Neither Obama, or the finest economics team on this globe can fix a thing. Any stimulus that lacks the core component of return on that stimulus, only adds to DEFICIT.

Talks in the senate may continue..Its unfortunate that politicians merely gab, and are good at fingerpointing..but not one, has a SOLUTION.

There's a big difference between ideas, plans, and 'iron solution'.
I offer :
1- Millions of jobs across various sectors
2- Regeneration of the stock markets
3- Affordable abundant electricity
4- Systematic reduction of oil dependance
5- Entirely new streams of education, technology
6- The ability to REALLY address carbon emissions.
7-Removal of the need for Bio-Fuel - because that eats a food source
8-Things that follow a stable economy - Health care, benefits etc : all can only be possible if the job market is recreated.
9- Systematic lowering of carbon emissions

To produce more than 1000x the power of all known alternate energy sources may seem impossible sounding..but it IS possible...and to do it at a fraction of your current costs, might seem even more unbelievable..but its possible.
Let's get real here... For all the renewable 'affordable' energy you know about, you can listen to every word of hype,and how great it is - For all these things, the only 'truth' is your utility bill each month. If that is rising each time you look, I rest my case.

Stock markets only revive on solidity,and unwavering confidence. I can provide a catalyst for US to start manufacturing, from the ground up again, with the offshoot spinoffs being millions of jobs, throughout every sector of your society. If I told you its possible to produce 1000x the COMBINED energy yield of wind/solar energy more cost effectively, and more environmentally friendly what would you do? Laugh? Thats the response of a moron, thats stuck in the realm of only what is known, and too dumb to have any lateral thought beyond that.

T Boone Pickens - is on a mission to windpower and natural-gas the nation. His plan will fail. I tried writing him, via his co BP etc..guess what? Nobody replied So, perhaps he's not really witty after all..either that, or his people just ignore communications. All told, he'll just keep losing money.

Energy - underpins EVERY economy. The highest sophistication, is nothing without power.

When the US fed, or its state departments actually respond to important communications, then perhaps things can change - until then, the globe will continue its freefall.

Here is an open challenge to the world's finest economists and the biggest political team on the globe - I say, your biggest stimulus plans will all fail, because no degree of liquidity injection, can stem the root cause of this financial crisis, which is actually 'mass unemployment'. Fancy tags like 'housing correction' , 'credit crunch' and 'toxic assets' are just really fancy phrases created by DENIAL. To start to fix a problem, you first need to know what the actual cause really is, and since economists can't identify that solidly, obviously they cannot start to fix anything. Isn't it amazing that every 'stimulus' across the globe is only resulting in soaring job losses?

Solutions do appear, but wax is a difficult thing to dissolve. Politicians do tend to have lots of that..if there were earwax shares on the stock market, I'd say those would always remain high!

Any wise legislator knows that the current stimulus efforts actually lack the core component of having the ability to regenerate the economy- the only effect its having, is to create false balance sheets for businesses that should be bankrupt. Keeping vegetables on life support will only ensure that US goes bankrupt. ( Whats it mean if a treasury is 'borrowing' money? Technically, the US treasury IS bankrupt, is what I would surmise)

Nobody is 'too big to fail' , so yes many may appreciate the way big companies tentacle into the economy,and affect many smaller businesses, but where do you think all the profits of past years have gone? Billions..suddenly evaporated!

In 2009, you will begin to see retail sectors become more paralysed. OPEC..well, when oil was $150 they said there's nothing they could do about that , now they can't wait to hold their next 'production cut' meeting in order to force prices higher. Natural gas holds EU ransom now. Energy Resources, are now weapons.

The G7+ meetings, are now a joke. Its just a gathering of people increasing the carbon emissions, and really offering ZERO in the way of solution. Men in suits planting trees?? Really? Unfortunately symbolism and statements translate to ZERO solution.

Remember what Kennedy said about being mistaken about trusting the 'experts' ? Well, there was a reason he said it..thats because so called 'experts' are not always very expert, and I suppose it comes into sharpest clarity when we see the actions of economists today.

My point in writing, is to let as many people as possible know that major solutions do exist. In this situation, I need to reach the President of USA.
I have a solid solution to table at that Senate , but I need to reach there.
As I say, the cost of 'listening' is infinitely less, than the cost of 'not listening'
You can always listen, then make an educated decision about it, but by not listening first, you run the risk of being a fool forever.

If someone out there can help me to reach where I need to, please help me.
If you know a politician, or someone in that realm that can actually ACT, then present my message.

Where are all the aliens?? ..higher intelligence?? Do you perhaps think they know the secrets to unlimited electrical generation? ha
Iron solutions, only come from the Lord so, when the mighty USA prepares to recognise that God they often mention, then perhaps the future will not be so bleak.

If Warren Buffett says 'The rearview is always clearer than the windshield' , that becomes an international quote. If the Lord says 'I am the rearview, the windshield, and all thats beyond it' , then thats not really important.

Whether you believe in God, or not - you have to agree on one thing: Your butt is now in a sling , along with everyone else on the globe. 2009/10 will see the financial crushing of the world's 'superpowers' , and not even China will stand. Who says they'll forge ahead at 9% growth? Whispers say 0%..

So, lotsa people think the world is ending..Do not worry, there's a long way to go see the oil age end, so all seems dire..( There is only a little oil left really) Oil, and natural gas are actually coolants,and buffers of the continental, do not let anyone fool you and say 'we have huge gas deposits' ..because that cannot be sucked out without major consequence.
When mankind wants something, you see all kinds of rationale to make that sound right, so 'Drill baby drill'..well, that sounds pretty good.
Earthquakes!!! - that doesn't sound too good..but its what madness gets ya.
Big oil reserves under the polar caps?? Sounds nice huh??

Think about that , and liken it to sucking the fluid out between your knee joints. What happens? You'll never walk again when those bones collide.

Anyways..climate change, yep..we gotta respond says Al Gore.
Abundant electricity makes electric cars a viable reality, that allows the removal of petroluem powered vehicles. As I said - can do I can address infrastructure/energy/jobs etc all in one.

Apologies for the long a nutshell, if you can help me reach the President , please do.