Its now almost 2012

Well..2008 now seems a while away..Windpower seems to be going down the tubes (finally)..not that anyone would really listen to a nobody like me..too many professors and scientists...and of course, lobbyists with agendas. Now that they've successully contributed to looting the govt coffers globally, with almost squat to show for ' energy production' Im curious to see how much longer the insanity will go on for..

The fun of the net is that you can document stuff, so that people later can get to read about the stream of morons that have passed by useful information, at the expense of the livelihoods of many just because they feel they're way above the common people in thoughts and knowledge.

Needless to say, I refer to the many so called ' leaders' of the you I'd say ' How does it feel to know that you all can do SQUAT about fixing economies?'

Sucks when your ears happen to be located in the dark..but then again, such is the nature of people from the beginning..Countless examples exist in history of the many that refused to 'listen' , just because they feel they are way above advice (although they readily accept it from 'advisors' , who incidentally also know squat in the current scheme of things)

Things are always that much more difficult with a lack of global platform, and of course the major barricades of bureaucracy and tons of red tape that exist for the benefit of allowing a few to wield power.

John McCain lost the elections..another victim of the inability to 'listen'..Mr O, seems to have the similar impairment, although he has visibly bigger ears. I also wrote Barroso, and got back the bureaucratic response.
UN reply..World Bank..morons. It is true that you can catch more flies with honey, but my disdain for politicians and their agendas stretches back a while..I feel the same about people in high positions that have the ability to make a difference, but won't.

Solar..well thats been around since the 70' date I still dont see much power generated from that, but the heat from the overpricing is probably felt by many. It is a fact that the climate is cooling I say, since that lets off the heat.

So..edge of 2012..almost 5 years have passed since I tried contacting various govts to let them know that it is possible to generate high volumes of clean electricity, at more sustainable ratios than wind or solar. Probably sounds laughable to the many sophisticated scientists and professors out there..but then again, the world is moulded by agendas, and the bombarded minds of people will continue to see crisis as long as they are only allowed to see failures. People do believe what hits them in the nerve centers 20-30x a begin to believe that wind is the is the answer...natural gas is the answer...anything you get smashed in the head with 10000x a year, is 'the answer'. ( Of course, there are many that question many things, but you'd fit into the small % that usually doesn't count in world opinion)

India and China will begin to fail shortly..just a matter of time, and where will the great saviours be then??

It's just too bad that God, and the little voices take a very long time to be heard..Of course there are many politicians that like to chip in the little 'God' word, since it suits the various speeches..yet they remain stubbornly deaf. It'd be amusing really, if people weren't continuing to lose their jobs and livelihoods, but again, that is the nature of leaders..they can listen intently to a panel of advisors taking absolute hogwash, and laugh off the person that utters the slightest of sense. Is it just imagination?? No..its just everyday politics, which is why we have the biggest mess inthe history of mankind on our doorsteps.

Anyways, my wee challenge to the world leaders and all their finest still stands.. I say that more clean energy production is possible that wind/solar combined..that oil imports can be reduced, and that a high degree of non exportable jobs is possible. I offer a start to a regeneration of US/EU and global markets, new ventures into education and technology...a lowering of carbon emissions and other basic spinoffs for job creation among multiple sectors. Perhaps that sounds a bit far fetched for the cynical that have mostly limited thought parameters when something conflicts with their maximum thought process, but large problems do also have large scale solutions..its just that everything has a price.

My reasoning says that it always costs less to listen, because one sensible listener, can really save many from going over a cliff. Listening also allows one to make an informed decision, and allows one to introduce advisors that can then take new directions..It's quite true that if you do what you've always done, then you'll get what you always got..and right now, that is true of world leaders running after pump action economics, and machine gun spending...Cash, is also not an infinite commodity.