In Fairness to all...

Before reading any further, I would like to take the opportunity to apologise for what slowly began to make me angry,and perhaps turned my initial objectivity into a bit of a rant.
Here follow some notes, in regard to intial communications. Based on the advice of a friend, Don H , it would seem prudent to express that initial communications to governments were very simple, as were some communications to CNN and such media places. ( Generally, these did not exceed 300-500 words) - this was so, in part because of the general stipulation of short messages to such people of importance, and also because I am aware that high level leaders do receive many communications.

I read your letters on the website and I think I see some areas for
improvement. These people receive thousands of pieces of communication each
day. In any sales you have to 1) establish a benefit to the reader within
the first couple of sentences, 2) establish your "expertise"... why you're
not some crackpot, with a harebrained idea,  3) ask for the order, meeting,
response, etc., 4) do it in as few words as possible. I had a business
writing prof who liked to quote one of the classic poets who apologized to a
friend, "If I'd had more time, I'd have written less."
Above is part of the advice.
Below, is the framework of initial simple communications.
NEW Concept- World FIRST: The generation of unlimited , daily, clean electricity into the national power grid, in volumes that with implementation, will outstrip the combined power yields of wind and solar energy - Concept currently UNKNOWN as alternate energy source.
In the light of the energy problems being experienced across the globe, I would like to be afforded an opportunity to present a solution to lacking energy policy, under the framework
of a direct governmental agreement. I respectfully request such an arrangement due to the urgency of the global meltdown, avoiding the normal protocols of patents.
I would appreciate the opportunity to tender the concept, to be verified by any governmental team of engineers, planners, architects and scientists to directly present their  verified findings to the relevant senate committee.
If interested in the proposal, I can more clearly outline the potential for massive job creation, financial stimulation and stabilization of the stock markets, and all related industry, and markets and ultimately the methodology that can be applied to achieving better energy security, helping wean economies from high oil dependance.
Consideration of this proposal may lead you to conclude that less can be invested in wind/solar/biofuels, and still have a more positive energy yield. You might also consider the impacts of substantially lowered carbon emissions and the related effects on climate change that can be more directly addressed.
Thank you for any consideration.
Yours Sincerely.
I would like it to be clearly understood that my frustration at seeing governments across the globe begin to try to address the meltdown with mere 'liquidity' , is what forced my communications into more of a rant. As you see this action continue, and billions evaporate into loss, with millions across the globe STILL losing their jobs, you might forgive the more cutting communications. While it is not my intention to embarrass any government , or official , I can never hide my disdain at officials operating at a level that they might deem as some super-celebrity status. My message to you is..'You are indeed elected 'servants of the people' so listening is part of serving. I am merely asking you to do the jobs you were elected to do..listen, and then make more informed decisions, because once you have listened, you have the power to accept or reject any findings' As I continued to see the devastating effects of 'stimulus' without the cpacity to regenerate any sector of the economies, my communications did get more terse. If you are in any country, and sustaining the very direct impact of a collapsing economy, you should understand that my intention is not based on malice to governments, but is borne more out of frustration at seeing people across the globe crushed under economic conditions of joblessness, and rising food costs. To flood an economy with a new form of 'really more affordable 'energy, combined with stimulus, provides a means to repair the massive economic damages.