The Global Crisis and world leaders

1- The US Meltdown - Root Cause : Massive and Rising Unemployment over 15 years
2- T Geithner/Obama plan - Will Fail : Total lack of economic ''regenerative  component''.
3- Stock Markets - Will crash : US Deficit will rise to 'unrecoverable'
4- Economic Slide - guaranteed by ' stimulus lacking regeneration component'
If your house is sliding, you do not paint the roof, paint the walls, change the windows or add on a wing - you UNDERPIN THE FOUNDATION.
ENERGY , underpins the foundation of every economy.
I offered US a Comprehensive Recovery Plan based on NEW CLEAN ENERGY, addressing infrastructure and jobs simultaneously.
'Stimulus' that lacks a regenerative component = cosmetics to a house : The economic house will still SLIDE.
Since Early 2008, numerous messages were sent to governments, state departments, people in position to act, state legislators etc.Strangely enough, all comunications yielded zero response. It may seem amazing, but not uncommon, as this is the state of government communications today - They operate in an air of celebrity, seemingly rungs above ordinary people,forgetting that they are indeed 'public servants'and not celebrities. If that weren't bad enough, they still almost single-handedly steer the globe to collapse, merely because they enjoy listening to themselves, not seeming to realise that political pandering and the half witted plans of mere legislators, does NOT equal to 'economic solution'.
The now President Obama, and John McCain were sent messages since 7 March 2008. The Whitehouse was faxed. Governor's offices received communications.
Its now early 2009, and Obama  is way on course to setting US in a deficit it will NEVER recover from, simply because he himself promised to 'listen', but is somehow in the same shoes as many before him. Does that paint you the familiar picture of governments being warned, but not listening??
The reason that too many 'experts' are not so expert, can be found in the fact that the globe is in a financial meltdown. How ludicrous is it to expect the very people that created it, to fix it?
No degree of liquidity or stimulus, can ever fix this economic meltdown, but perhaps governments are too witty to listen. Whether its Davos 2009 of G20 in 2010, no world leader can provide a solution. They operate on the roll of dice, affecting the lives of billions of people. It would seem that they are good at feigning concern, because if it were otherwise, they might have all hands on deck, looking out for important communications.
It is with regret that I have to note that numerous government officials, offices and institutions across the globe did receive  various communications. As it may seem unwisely cutting to mention the entire string of officials here, I have decided to omit that information, but a record of it does exist.
When all is said and done, these same people are good at creating press releases to absolve themselves from any apparent accusations of 'being asleep at the switch'...Hindsight is the great and cutting teacher. They are however , great at bickering, fingerpointing, and accusing others of being asleep at the switch:)
If I told you it's possible to produce more than 1000x the 'sum' energy yield of ALL known renewable methods at a substantially lesser cost, in a clean, carbon free way, what would you do?? Laugh?
Congratulations if so, you have successfully accessed the power of diminished mental capacity, that has its restrictions in only what is known to the world.
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