our team

Chief Operations Officer 
Cathy Anderson, USA

Cathy has over ten years experience in higher education.  As manager of Adult Basic Education (ABE) and GED (General Education Development) programs she is familiar with the challenges faced by students in traditional education environments.  In this role she has become familiar with the barriers to providing students with educational experiences that engage them and meets the various learning styles.  With many years of experience in evaluating educational technology and tools she has gained a broad insight into how educational technology can be used to engage learners in learning what they need to know to successfully achieve their goals.

Cathy's experience also includes an understanding of student support services and what it takes to provide students with the effective support system to retain them to achieving success.  This includes access to information resources, information regarding educational planning and advising, communication tools,   and career  information.

Finally Cathy's experience in distance education has immersed her in the rapidly developing world of social media, networking and educational technology with knowledge of the emerging technologies of Web 2.0, and Web 3.0 or semantic tools.  In her view it is an exciting and "whirlwind" time of change to be a part of education today.  

Chief Architect, The Experience
Christopher D. Clark, USA

With over 20 years of experience, Christopher Clark is an internationally recognized expert in game design, development, and the application of game methodologies and digital technologies toward the development of instructional systems, simulations, and virtual worlds for education and training.
Mr. Clark has developed 16 digital entertainment titles, has acted as a liaison to Paramount/Viacom, founded his own Educational and Advergame development studio, and is a University of Baltimore Adjunct Professor.

President, Washington D.C. 
Russel M. Clark, USA

Russell M. Clark, Senior consultant has over 18 years of experience, in the design, development, and management of interactive software and Internet solutions for CLevel clients. Areas of focus include Enterprise Information Portals, eCommerce, Content and Knowledge management, and Enterprise Application Integration. Mr. Clark and his team are currently engaged at Northrop Grumman Corporation managing the finances, schedule, technical architecture and implementation of Northrop’s Enterprise Portal. 

In addition he is consulting with Citizens Bank of Rhode Island on their Enterprise Portal IT initiatives and roadmap. Some of his other recent engagements have been with the Washington DC Department of Transportation (Portal development), Washington Hospital Center (Homeland Security Simulation), and the Census Bureau (Internet and Interactive Voice Response Portal) in preparation for the 2010 Census. As Director of eCommerce & Portals, at OAO Technology Solutions, he managed a $6 million dollar division and developed eBusiness solutions using technologies such as Interwoven, BroadVision, Plumtree, and IBM WebSphere (commerce & Portal). His client list included Toshiba, Pfizer, Chase Manhattan, and Interwoven. While at Athos/Origin, Mr. Clark managed an $8 million dollar budget for the Philips account and successfully developed and deployed the Philips Consumer Electronics Website within 90 days. In addition, he developed a full Rapid Application Development (RAD) methodology for the Philips eBusiness group and performed significant work on web projects for Proctor & Gamble. Due to the types of companies Mr. Clark has worked for, he has gained significant industry focus in Consumer Products, in particular, Consumer Electronics. Prior to Athos/Origin Mr. Clark served as an executive consultant for Infotek Interactive a division of Infotek International, Inc. where he developed the company’s Internet strategy and business plan. 

In 1998 he co-founded Breakaway Games Ltd. An Interactive startup that specializes in high-end 3D military simulations. Throughout his career Mr. Clark has gained valuable experience with fortune 500 companies as a Senior Producer for Disney/ABC CapCities, he worked with CBS, AOL, Intel, Gateway, and Microsoft. At Disney Mr. Clark managed the design and development of ABC Sports Monday Night Football line. With premier Internet capabilities it was a groundbreaker in online sports gaming. It became the number one PC football title of ’98 ranking as one of the top 100 interactive simulations of all time.

President, Strategic Positioning
Richard C. Close

Richard is a corporate and education learning strategist and marketing professional with over 20 years of Learning and IT industry experience. He has consultant and worked for such companies as IBM, Microsoft, Oracle and numerous eLearning companies in the education, healthcare, and general markets. He has developed numerous white papers, conference sessions and webinars. He is the founder of the The Chrysalis Campaign to aids US Urban and African education and orphanages in writing photographic donation books and aiding in donation programs.

Chief Technology Officer 
Aviad Dadoun, ISRAEL

With more than 12 years experience in the IT industry as a software engineer, Avi has extensive knowledge and experience in different software platforms and architecture including .NET, J2EE, IBM, PHP, SAP, Linux, different DBs including Oracle, MS SQL Server, MySql, DB2, and Wireless applications. Avi is excited to be joining the project team. Dadoun's company is located in beautiful Tel Aviv, Israel. He bills his company as a "one stop shop" in terms of technology and development. Avi prides himself on his ability to develop long-term business relationships. He is acting as CTO for a few companies over the USA and has significant connections with software houses in both India and Russia.

Director Asia/Pacific Region 
Philip Hinnant

Phillip has over 7 years of experience in the field of education. As Program Coordinator Asia/Pacific Region, he has been responsible for delivering higher education programs to the military, civilian, and local community across the region. In this role, Phillip has gained valuable experience in the unique adult education needs for learners in a global setting.

As a graduate of 3 distance learning programs (Associate of Arts in Psychology, Bachelor of Science in Management, and Master of Arts in Education), Phillip is a believer in technology as a catalyst for education and a medium to bring about eSingularity.

Dedicated to the development and improvement of education around the world, Phillip has dedicated his professional and academic life to education. Phillip is also a board member of the Base Education Planning Action Committee (BEPAC) and the Navy Marine Corps Relief Society (NMCRS) in Sasebo, Japan. Phillip was recently selected as the top performer Asia/pacific region by University of Phoenix.

President Marketing, U.S.A. 
Chris Griggs

Chris has more than 15 years of integrated marketing experience. He has worked on national advertising and promotional campaigns for such brands as Wendy's Restaurants, Coca-Cola, the US Military, First Brands/STP Division, Lane Furniture, The London Daily Mirror, Gourmet Magazine, New York & Company, Canon, and Allstate. Chris has experience in advertising, promotion and all channels of integrated communications including direct mail, interactive media, local/guerilla marketing and public relations. He has expertise in strategic account planning, account service, new business development, media and copywriting. Currently, Chris is a partner at Regatta Marketing in New York where he is active with clients such as Bloomingdale's and Abbott Ross. In his spare time he teaches improvisation at The Pit theater in Manhattan.

President of Public Understanding 
Jack Klaff
, UK

Jack was for four years Professor of the Public Understanding of Science at Starlab, the Brussels-based think tank; he maintains his connection with Starlab, whose main branch is now housed in Barcelona. While still in his teens, Jack Klaff ran a company which took Shakespeare into South African schools in townships such as Lenasia, Alexandria and Soweto. He read Law and Economics before doing postgraduate work in Literature, Storytelling and the Media. Since 1996, Jack has held four Visiting Professorships at Princeton University, where he researches and teaches all aspects of Storytelling. He has taught or run workshops for children in Aboriginal schools near Perth in Western Australia; in Sydney; in East Africa; in France, Italy, Germany, Belgium, Ireland and England; in Florida among school pupils and students of all races; in Trenton, New Jersey; and in Harlem, New York. Jack is qualified to teach English to foreign students and has recently been working with Oxford University Press and Macmillan’s Publishers on their language courses, examinations and recordings. In higher education, he has lectured or presented at numerous British Universities including Oxford, Cambridge, Imperial College, Edinburgh, Glasgow and Goldsmith’s. He has written scores of radio, TV and film scripts; his journalism has included Shebang - a science and culture magazine of which he is founder and editor-in-chief - as well as pieces for The Independent, The Guardian and Vogue; his books include ‘Bluff Your Way in the Quantum Universe’, ‘Shebang’ about science, technology and the ‘Deep Future’ and ‘Miss McKirdy…’, a true story about appalling child-care. Jack himself has two children: his daughter is still at school; his son advises the British Government on questions of Equality and Education. Jack has written and presented a wide range of educational documentaries and talks for BBC Radio, LBC Radio, Granada TV, the Discovery Channel and BBC 4 Television. He was one of the founders of Frontier TV, is a consultant with the visionary Swedish organisation Hybrid State and is currently working with Intelligence Squared on their website as well as on public discussions about the world as it will be in 2050.

Jack has just been invited to give the summing-up address - before the European Parliament - at the next TED (Technology, Entertainment, Design) event in November. He will be speaking on behalf of the educational movement One-Laptop-Per-Child.

President of Higher Education, EDUIT, India  
Shashidhar Nanjundaiah, INDIA

Shashi has more than 20 years' wide-ranging professional experience that includes media and higher education. He is currently the Group Executive Editor of seven b-to-b magazines in Mumbai, India, and is also the COO of the group’s research and education foundation, starting up their education division including an institute of infrastructure management. He returned mid-2009 from his New York job as the Managing Editor of The Indian Express North American Editions. Shashi now looks forward to partnering and broadening EDUIT's superb purpose to higher education.

Shashi aims to address the ironic question that bothers him and should haunt all educators – why knowledge creation is so scarce in higher education classrooms. He believes the answer lies somewhere within the fact that super-specialization in our professional programs has gradually been replacing contextual learning and worldview-building. Shashi’s self-conferred mission is to evolve methodological solutions in higher education by treating knowledge as a function of discovery, problem-solving and sharing. He now proposes an institute that hopes to build globally employable competitiveness among India's professional graduates through interdisciplinary, research-driven and individual learning. The institute's proposal has met with funding offers, strategic, industry and academic partnerships from the USA and India.

Earlier, Shashi was the Director at the Symbiosis Institute of Media & Communication (SIMC), Pune, India, and then went on to become the Founding Director of the Indira School of Communication (ISC), Pune, India. At both institutes, he envisioned an individual excellence model and institutionalized research-oriented and output-driven pedagogic methodologies.

Shashi is an Indian media policy expert and has researched, presented and published internationally. His research interest areas include India's television programming policies through the neo-liberalization period, higher education policies, and political discourse through "the dialectic of articulation/silence." He has an M.S. in Corporate and Professional Communication from Radford University, Virginia, USA, an M.A. in English and a B.Sc. from the University of Mysore, India.

Social Media Manager
Lorraine Siew, MALAYSIA

Lorraine helps to keep EDUIT's social media applications up to date and functioning.

Swaminathan S B

Swami enjoys being involved with visionary ideas and ambitious start-ups like EDUIT; he as extensive background in business development and marketing with experience in the retail banking, credit cards, technology, IT enabled services, consumer finance and education verticals. Demonstrated track record of conceptualizing innovative ideas, building business models, incubating start-ups to running large businesses through effective leadership, building strong teams, innovations in marketing/processes and strong relationship management. He is extremely passionate about innovating a game-changing solution for education in India.

Founder and Chief Evangelist 

Micheal J. Trout, JAPAN

Michael J. Trout Is the Founder and Chief Evangelist of EDUIT, Inc. based out of Washington D.C.  Since 2001 he have been on a mission to figure out how one would make education free and accessible to all, what technologies would be needed to achieve it and what challenges would need to be overcome.  And after five years of meditation on the puzzle he believes he knows. He has just announce the goal to establish a $50m eSingularity Prize to help provide an incentive for creating an autonomous learning platform that will teach a two year old to an 8th grade equivalent education in math, science and language arts. He is behind a number of initiatives and startups Wikitube.TV. An innovative start-up that seeks to redefine how we interact with multimedia on the web. Foundup.com; an innovative approach to doing lean, bootstrapped startups with little to no financial exposure. NeoMath, a complete math education solution that South Korea has been utilizing for over 5 years. Trout wants to give it a face-lift and make it the cheapest, most comprehensive solution for Math Education in India.  He is the Founder of TEDxFutureEd.com and the eSingularity Movement. His passion lies in the arts as well, as an undergraduate, he founded one of the most successful Shakespeare Festival's in Florida. He holds an MFA Arts Administration and Management, University of Alabama. Since 1999 he has worked for himself. His former company Genesis Productions Worldwide, LLC, he was contacted by NCDS, their system has raised over $1.6 billion for nonprofit organizations throughout the US. In 2004, Trout moved to Japan to focus on his passion to innovate the solution that will flatten global education and bring about an event he has named the Education Singularity. 

"I don’t understand why something like the eSingularity(tm) platform doesn’t already exist. The technology exists, the connectivity exists, yet it doesn’t?! I hated school... I was severely dyslexic and didn’t learn to read until I was 9. On the contrary, I love video games -- addicted to them -- and they have been part of my life for the past 30 years. My goal is to simply merge the two and create a fun, easy to use, addictive experience that's free, challenging, and simple, one that anyone can learn anything, anytime anywhere!"

Michael holds an MFA Arts Administration and Management, University of Alabama. Since 1999 he has worked for himself. His former company Genesis Productions Worldwide, LLC, he was contacted by NCDS and identified over $7 million for nonprofit organizations throughout the US. In 2004, Trout moved to Japan to 35 focus on his passion to flatten global education.

"I think everything in my life has been preparing me for this one project. My early educational experience with dyslexia; my British and American education experiences; the experience with starting a new organizations from scratch--the Southern Shakespeare Festival; Working as a capital campaign director; my short stint working in the video game industry with 15 yrs existence in virtual reality world -- beta tested and played extensively: UO, EQ, AC, DAOC, AC2; SB, LG, EWN and others; and finally, seeing how dedicated Asian kids are to their studies and wishing I had been too. Until you witness Asian education it is impossible to really comprehend! The world needs to wake-up and take action before it is too late. With every semester that passes the U.S. is falling further and further behind!"

Vice President, EDUIT, China
Suresh N. Vijayan

Suresh is affiliated with Nanjing College of Information Technology is an advanced vocational education provider, which is owned and run by the State. He works directly with the Chinese Ministry of Education on educational projects.

Reid Cornwell

Reid is a multidisciplinary, empirically grounded, conceptual thinker with experience in both academic and industrial environments. As executive director of the Focus on Education Foundation and director of research for the Center for Internet Research, he is an outspoken advocate for the use of technology as a tool for reforming education and the application of empirical research to inform educational practice

A native of Winston-Salem, North Carolina, Cornwell dropped out of Richard Reynolds High School to join the United States Marine Corps. After completing a GED, he earned bachelor's and master's degrees in experimental psychology. Cornwell completed a doctorate in experimental psychology at Oaklands University College, He taught for three years, at Franciscan University of Steubenville and in the North Carolina community college system, then joined a national human resources consulting firm, where he quickly became the corporate training director. In this capacity, he developed technology-based training systems that remain a standard in that industry. Based on that experience, Cornwell founded his own consulting firm to provide industrial training, change management, and recruiting services. The firm, which created the first online job service, grew to 25 locations and was ultimately purchased by a competitor.

Cornwell's earliest association with computer technology was with large-scale mainframe computers using DEC and IBM systems. He was given the task of connecting two research facilities together using ARPANET. While the technology was inadequate to accomplish the goal of building collaborative systems for communication and data sharing, the experience was formative.

Experiences as a human resource consultant informs Cornwell's concern about the quality of education systems and the uses of technology in education. In 1997, he assumed his current position at the Focus on Education Foundation, where he has devoted the last decade to the cause of education reform.

Cornwell has been recognized by Optimist International for outstanding contribution to education, distinguished service by Boy Scouts of America, and academic achievement by Who's Who in American Colleges and Universities. His publications can be found in the Wall Street Journal, Chemical Progress, Chemical Week, Gather, AACE, ISTE, and more; his book on empirically-based implementation of the internet, information management in computer-aided teaching and learning will soon be published by Cambridge Scholars Press.

C. Umashankar IAS

Brief Introduction An Indian Administrative Service (IAS) officer alloted to the Tamil Nadu cadre. He joined the Indian Administrative Services in 1990, and since then he has held various positions in the government of Tamil Nadu. Mr. Umashankar's vision is to see an e-Governance based Public Administration in India, and a corruption-free society. Mr. Umashankar is an expert in the emerging area of e-Governance, and has achieved high recognition in this field. e-governance expert & Managing Director, ELCOT Electronic Corporation of TamilNadu Limited, Chennai) Co-Moderator: eGovINDIA Chennai

Trustee, Washington D.C. Chairman
Mike Rosinbum

Mike is the CEO and Founder of PCNstrategy, Inc. A leading provider of Federal IT solutions and a Inc. 5000 company.

Trustee, United Nations representative
Dr. Robert Solomon

Robert is a pioneer and leader in creating and applying new technology-based thinking methodologies to enable CEOs and their organizations to innovate, make breakthroughs, overcome barriers to growth, and increase profits. As CEO of TRILLENNIUM Corporation, Dr. Solomon draws on his wide, varied experience from over 600 consulting programs to advise senior executives from Fortune 500 to medium size companies.

Washington D.C. legal counsel
Mark H. Tidman

Mark is a Founding member of EDUIT. He practices in the intellectual property area and has experience in virtually all aspects of trademark, trade dress and unfair competition practice and prosecution, as well as Internet law and e-commerce matters.

Mr. Tidman represents a diverse clientele for whom he provides a wide range of services, including trademark clearance, counseling, prosecution and registration, licensing and related transactions. He also engages in monitoring and enforcement activities, including demand matters, trademark, trade dress, unfair competition and anti-cybersquatting litigation in federal court, inter partes proceedings before the Trademark Trial and Appeal Board, and proceedings under the Uniform Domain Name Dispute Resolution Policy. Mr. Tidman has also been given supervisory responsibility for the administration of clients' intellectual property protection and enforcement worldwide.