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Trout establishing the Autonomous Learning Institute in KL, Malaysia

posted May 28, 2010, 1:22 PM by Foundups Michael Trout   [ updated May 29, 2010, 2:38 PM ]
Michael Trout is very interested in how to change global education and position KL as the place where it happens. Trout is interested in securing KL support and investments in order to establish the Autonomous Learning Institute (prospectus) in KL and bring about education 3.0. Trout "Over the next 10 years education will become mobile device driven where both teachers and schools will become mere accessories and no longer requirements for learning. I would like to position KL as the global center for autonomous learning solutions development by establishing the Institute and a number of prizes."
  1. iPhone eSingularity Prize
  2. OLPC eSingularity Prize 
  3. Linux eSingularity Prize
  4. MS eSingularity Prize
  5. Apple eSingularity Prize
  6. Android eSingularity Prize
All prizes would come out of just one fund. The idea is very simple, Trout seeks to establish a $100m Prize for any group that can develop a autonomous learning software (ALS) solution by 2017.  ALS will take a 2 year old to an 8th grade equivalent in math, science and language arts. 

Why would anyone invest in this fund? The potential savings for global education is massive and the new industry it creates will be even bigger. ALS potentially will redefine HR, professional/workforce development and even higher education. Trout:s plan is for all the monies to be held in an escrow and professionally managed by the investors themselves and returned to the investors, with all accrued interest, should the prize not be met.  Just 1-2% of the interest would fund the Institute and eSingularity Prize promotion. The investors via the Institute will gain full IP access in exchange for willing the Prize. The ALS developers would also share in all net profits that their IP develops creating a win win for investors, developers, and more importantly the peoples that are in need of an AL solution.  The Institute would licence out the use of the software for commercial avenues.  

"KL, Malaysia is a great place for the Institute because of its proximity to other Asian counties as a hub and because it is a place with great vision and passion for the future. Malaysian people are visionaries and they demonstrated this with the Malaysian-owned oil company went on to build its new headquarters in the Petronas Twin Towers." Trout

For more information or to request access to the ALI prospectus please contact Michael J. Trout mtrout@ eduit .org