about us

First Incorporated in 2001, EDUIT evolved out of a start-up that looked to use gaming arenas to help flatten IT certification education and make it more affordable to high school seniors. In 2002 it received its IRS 501(c)(3) tax exempt status and over the last seven years it has been working to develop a viable practice means to flatten global education, id the technology, align the partners, strategy and investors to take on one of the most ambitious global education projects ever -- to flatten global education and bring about what we have termed the eSingularity event -- the point in human history learning becomes free and accessible to all with connectivity. We firmly believe that all the technology, code , processing power, bandwidth and skill have just come of age in the last three years making this project a reality, and giving EDUIT the opportunity to move forward. You can help by:

  1. joining our groups
    • I'm just a fan. Yes, great! join our eSingularity Movement fan site on Facebook and invite all your friends to join. Our goal is 1million members! Help us make it! Become a 5 minute a day/week/month eSingularian and help spread the word!
    • I really want to help. Great! Join our Facebook corporate group and become a stakeholder, advisor or apply to become a voluntary team member. We have one requirement you do what you love and nothing else!
    • I want to join the fight! Join our e3.0 LinkedIn group and a corresponding subcommittee. As a subcommittee member you are free to move and pursue any direction you want to help promote the vision. These groups are self organized and independent with one goal to help bring attention and build synergy behind the eSingularity vision
  2. Supporting in others ways:
    • buying an early copy of Trout's book eSingularity. These contributions support Trout who has been working on EDUIT as a volunteer since 2001 supporters get their name in the book and offered the opportunity to contribute to it by being part of the creation process.

our mission

"To mold existing and emerging technology into a vessel through which learning is made freely accessible to everyone in the world."


  • raise a $50 million eSingularity Prize that will motivate others to develop an autonomous learning software built on open source software 
  • to bring about eSingularity -- the moment in human history when all learning is free and accessible to all

Eduit eSingularity Initiative 2.2