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Letter to President ADTEA


Mr.Kulsbhusan Bhatia

President, ADTEA.

            Sub: - Grievances of EAs’ having pre-revised Rs.5000-8000 scale.


Dear Sir,

                        Being totally upset and frustrated with the on goings at this stage of time I           would like to state the followings.

1)                    On the website of our association there is a message towards the direct recruit EAs. (Joined after 25.02.1999). The message says about sympathy and             support towards the deprived and insulted cadre and there is a commitment of             uncompromised fighting for justice.

            More over the message says that our association has no control over the court case at D.H.C. (which has failed to deliver any positive output till date, even after five years from the win in CAT Delhi) but rather the association is trying to resolve the discrimination by writing letters and discussion with the authority.

            This particular line of action seems to be very logical to me because the so-called cut-off date was one day created by the association and the administration sitting together and not by the judiciary hence today the association and the administration can sit over again and review the agreement in the light of equal status declaration by the GoM and the Cabinet.

2)            But going through the letter of S.S.S. addressed To The CEO, Prasar                       Bharati, Ref No.SSS/CEO/PB/2010/01, dated:19-01-2010, today I am observing                           that you are in the attempt of creating another anomaly against us while still now                   you have not been able to eradicate the previous one.   

For years you have allowed a system, where a junior can enjoy higher pay scale and now at the opportunity of 6th CPC and Finance Ministry’s order, you are demanding for merger of EAs’ (of pre-revised Rs.6500-10500 scale) and SEA which will not only create a further anomaly of a junior being promoted prior to his senior but is also bypassing our cause totally.

I fail to understand how these two attitudes can coexist and I hope to get reasonable explanation very soon from your end so I may be able to retain my loyalty as a comrade of yours in the future.


Thanking you,

                                                                                                Your dedicated member


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