Frequantly Asked Questions

Frequantly Asked Questions about the New Series

Q: Why are there fake images on this site?

A: Some images on this site are fake to give people an idea of what the characters or stages will look like. The images that say (screenshot)are things you will see in the episodes!

Q: Why isn't Uub in AF?

A: Uub isn't in AF, because after his death, his soul returned to it's original state, pure evil, Kid Buu.

Q: Didn't Akira clearly state that AF is fake?

A: Yes, but shortly after, the wrighter of AF signed a contract with Akira allowing him to use some of her characters and create the new series.

Q: Is Goku Jr and Vegeta Jr in AF?

A: Vegeta Jr is not in AF, but Goku Jr is, althought his part is very small.