Architectural Woodwork

    Because we are a custom fabricator, our products are actually too many to list. We have completed projects using veneers like Australian Lacewood to create three-story walls of inlaid paneling and material like Swiss Pear with Marquetry for registration desks. We also use home grown hardwoods like American Black Walnut pictured to the left as an Arm Rail for a round bar.


   CWC employs highly skilled craftsmen that have the ability to fabricate virtually anything you can imagine from wood. Our engineering department is even made up of craftsmen that know how to design your project so it will last in a commercial application.

Medical Cabinetry

     CWC holds a patent on the hardware system for this very unique cabinet that houses a toilet and allows the attendant to clean a bed pan as well as wash up afterward. This model is ADA compliant for both its Toilet and Sink fixtures. 

Rail System


      CWC is working with DuPont® to manufacture and market a new Patent Pending Medical Rail System fabricated from DuPont® Corian®. The Rail System can be made part of Countertops and adhered to the top of Backsplashes to create versatile work spaces in healthcare facilities. The apparatus for mounting to this system like shelves, baskets and dispensers are supplied by our partners at Lifespan Healthcare.