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NCLC Conference 2008

These items are from the original NCLC Portal.

Libraries - David Nutty, USM, and Jane Treadwell, UIS
  1. Use the Embedded Librarain model to integrate the library into online courses.
  2. Develop a shared repository of instuctional objects, such as short 2-3 minute tuitorials on research and using the libraries, using Camtasia or Captivate. Topics could be divided among the NCLC schools and avoid dupilication of effort.
  3. Expolore shared chat or online reference. Perhaps using Illuminate. NCLC members are spread across all time zones.
  4. Promote faculty awareness of the resources avaialble to the online course and its students.
  5. Develop a common framework for an online library orientation targeted at the online student.
  6. Use RSS feeds to push information and resources to class.
Course Clearinghouse - Betty Lou Whitford, USM
  • USM--interest/expertise in interdisciplinary religious studies (psychology of religion, sociology of rel; various history courses); interest in both a certificate program and eventually a major.
  • This demonstrates interest among NCLC members for sharing programs and courses (uncommon and low enrollments; special interests;expertise)
  • Louisiana Tech--math is a killer course for many students;
  • Oakland--interest in focusing on math first as a gatekeeper course; need to understand teaching of math as well as knowledge of math.
  • Shari McCurdy Smith (UIS)--teaching excellence in STEP area is a Sloan objective.
  • CalState has a masters in online teaching and learning. They have interns who can teach courses for the NCLC institutions. Many of them are in math and science. Consortium members could have access to the courses in this degree program for half cost: $500. (Nan Chico)
  • World Languages--we need to do an inventory for this across institutions. Rosetta Stone might be better option.
  • Two themes in our discussion: Offering of courses; supplemental tools for courses/students.
  • Three foci: Summer program; teaching excellence in STEM, foreign languages. Latter needs specialized tools.
  • National Student Exchange; are we all members? Is it online; catalog listing; credits, term offered, capacity, do you need it or have it?
Cool for Business Faculty - Bill Willoughby, LTU
You might look at this as a business model?

Great Blog - Rich Darga, CSU
Cool blog created by Alan Levine of the New Media Consortium...  great free tools for media manipulation on-line.... free!

Assessing Online and Blended Learning - Karen Swan, UIS

Online Learning Data and Data-Driven Decision Making - Bill Bloemer, UIS

Community of Practice for E-Learning - Laurell Newman & Scott Day, UIS

Web 2.0 Presentation - Emily Boles, UIS

Elements of UIS Success Online - Ray Schroeder, UIS