Welcome to the home page of the Newcastle Full Moon Hash House Harriers (NFMH3). These pages are designed to provide all the information that new and old Hashers alike, may require to fulfil their every Hash desire with the NFMH3. The NFMH3 was founded on 20 December 1999 by Abdul as a highly illegal but in the end, successful means of getting heaps of free piss (beer) at InterHash 2000 which was held in Hobart Tasmania. More on this "cunning plan that was sure to succeed" can be found on the History page.

If you like to socialise, have a few drinks, meet strange (but friendly) people, eat food that usually cannot be described, see places that you never wanted to see, run up hills, through mud, in the rain, bushfires, heat, dust and freezing cold (and on nice sunny days), well.... you might have found the right club to join.

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Where and When do we Reflect?

NFMH3 gathers once a month at 6 PM on or near the night of the full moon to Reflect amongst friends. If you would like to join us for a run, a feed and a social see the Receeding Hareline link at the the top right of this page. For the location of the Reflection, see the Venues link.

If you want to find out more about the other local Hash clubs or clubs all over the world, see the Links page .

NFMH3 also shares an e-mail group run by its Mother Hash - Newcastle Hash House Harriers (NH3). It is used to communicate important Hash information on runs and other upcumming events. If you would like reminders of upcumming runs and events please see Modess at the next Hash run who will subscribe you to the e-mail group. This eGroup is not used to circulate jokes or other junk email.