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In 1982, One of the most loved Fast Food Franchises began to die. It didn't die a natural death but rather was slowly snuffed out by the new owner of the brand- Hardee's. When they couldn't peacefully convert existing Burger Chef locales to the inferior Hardee's brand, they forced it, as best can be learned.

The last Burger Chef closed in 1996 after losing the last legal battle that enabled it to exist until that time as Burger Chef. It was located in Cookeville, TN and most certainly as sorely missed as all the Midwestern Burger Chef locations.

In 2001, to supposedly "celebrate" its 40 years in business- an most definitely to drum up business in the nearly dead chain, Hardee's "brought back" the Burger Chef Big Shef for a limited time. Once that sales booster was over, Hardee's again buried all things Burger Chef.

Now, In 2007, Hardee's is being challenged for the trademarks related to the Burger Chef franchise. Why? Because they don't and have not used the logo or the trademarks except on two different occasions since the last Burger Chef closed in 1996- they used it to their short term benefit in 2001 and they have reused it in 2007 ONLY AFTER THE TRADEMARK CHALLENGE WAS FILED.

Hardee's would have had no interest in utilizing anything regarding Burger Chef except they got CAUGHT NOT USING THE BRAND and now they're simply trying to LIE to protect their supposed rights to the brand name. Couple that with that Big Twin crap they're trying to pass off as a Big Shef, and you can see that their intentions are less than sincere.

Too Bad Hardee's wasn't the one that died off.

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Burger Chef is a BELOVED name and memory in American Fast Food lore. Known for their wonderful Works Bar, the development of the original kids meals- Funmeals- Burger Chef conjures up many great memories from those old enough to really remember and appreciate their unique fast food restaurants.