List of Winners

Congratulations to our winners!    This list fulfills the 2015 New Book Awards program for this year although these titles are recognized as winners through next year as well.  The list of 2015 NEW BOOK AWARD Winners includes our picks for the Top 20 Authors too.  List is by book title and author name.
                                                    NEW WINNERS LIST
By Title:

A Place for You

ISBN # 978-0692454404

The Apostles of Satan  ISBN 978-1495913020

The Adventures of Digbee:

Have You Seen My Toque?

ISBN- 978-0-9940483-1-8 

Counting Kittens – ISBN # 978-0-9940483-2-5

Cape Cod Witch Series:

ElsBeth and the Pirate's Treasure, Book I; ElsBeth and the Privateer; and ElsBeth and the Call of the Castle Ghosties.

"Dinosaurs Living in My Hair"

ISBN # 978-0-9861922-0-3

The Fiery Furnace  ISBN 978-1500574499

The Floral Hand of God

Halle Weenie

ISBN 978057814990

He Gave the Order The Life and Times of Admiral Osami Nagano

ISBN # 978-1576384008


I Love My Pet Elephant

ISBN # 9781622878802

It's Only A Bike Race: How Hard Can It Be 

ISBN # 0986434108

Karma Capitalism

ISBN # 9781619332126

Married to the War

ISBN: 9780-9942194-04

The More You Do The Better You Feel:
How to Overcome Procrastination and Live a Happier Life.

My New Routine Surviving the Death of My Spouse A to Z

ISBN # 0989750906

Ordinary Day: A Novel of 9/11  (Mascot Books)

ISBN # 978-1-62086-724-2

Single Man, Married Man  (Citadelle Books)

ISBN # 1502955318

When Reality Hits - from WWII
to the New World Order




By Author:

Jean Alerte

Steve Banner

Jickael Bazin

Agustus Beck M.D.

Arthur Berm

F.J. Bradley

Dr. Brent Davis

Amiee Entwistle

Frank Gateau

Rae Holliday

Sheri-Lynn Kenny   

F. Scott Kimmich  

Marcia Love

Lauren Micchelli

J Bean Palmer and Chris Palmer

David Parker

J.R. Reiling

Jayne Rose-Vallee

Rajiv Sahay

Marty Vargas