Some of the most FAQ we hear.

What exactly is the bike collective?
We are a non-profit, volunteer-run bicycle maintenance workshop. We're all volunteers. We all love bikes. We open our shop several days a week so everyone can learn the joys of working on their won bike.

Who's in charge here anyway?
NBBC is operated collectively. That means anyone can be a part of how decisions are made and things get done- even you! A board of directors oversees the smooth and ethical day to operation of the collective with available opening on a yearly basis to accommodate the largest cross selection of cycling enthusiasts. Everyone is encouraging to contribute at our open monthly board meetings. We're pretty informal, if you're in the shop and looking for a volunteer, just ask. 

How does it work?

NBBC is a non-profit, which means we can accept donations and give receipts to donors for tax write offs. We turn the donations into usable is staffed by the community and funded solely by public donations.

Are you a repair shop?
NO, First and foremost, we do not repair bikes for people. Instead, we guide you through your own repairs if requested. We are an educational facility, a tool bank, a used parts store and clubhouse, but we are not in the business of competing with our friends and benefactors at the local bike shop. 

Are you a retail shop?
Not in the conventional sense, but we do sell used part. A small number of consignment bike slots and are also available showcase higher-end and collectible rides. The only profit any member shall make is at collective sponsored swap meets or the featured consignment bike slots. 

What are those vats? How'd this start?
Our landlord and supporters used this building to execute his patented soywax candle process. Velo loving activists with the help of the Solid Waste Agency and the many free bikes at the landfill started this resource. The one hundred and eleventh community bike shop in the country. 

How much is membership?
$5/HR Drop-in rate.
$60 Annual membership

Work/trade encouraged!
Benefits for Annual members (12 accured volunteer hours include:
  • Free space at occasional swap meets.
  • Use of limited consignment bike slots.
  • Discount on bikes, parts and classes
  • Earn a bike program. Loaner bikes.
What are your hours?
Saturdays & Sundays 11-3 year-around
Expanded summers TBA

Where are you located ?
39 16th Ave SW, Cedar Rapids, Iowa 52404