THE BLACK WORLD NEWS                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       



    The Military Training Given to men and women that Been In North Amerika the Pass 450+ years.

Founded 2009 In Atlanta,Ga & then reorganized Under the Bold & Powerful Leadership one of 
Dr.Khallid Abdul Muhammad Top and Dedicated Students That Honors his wishes that Man
Is our National Commander Minister Prince Na'jee Shaka Muhammad.

The New Black Liberation Militia is the Resurrection of the (BLA) Now The Coldest Nortarious 
Black Militia group in the Hells of North Amerika!

This rapid growth is of the Times that we must Dare to Prepare & Beyound!
The Atmospher of Hate,Racism,Police Brutality and Murder,Black on Black in all forms,
The poor and the oppressed people of the earth.

With a youthful leadership and the Power of Contingency,The New Black Militia will demand 
respect for the Dedication to the Progression of the Black Nation and The endless Sacrifces to
provide for the Revolutionary needs of the People and Build a People's Militia.

The New Black Militia is a New song on the stage but not like that of a song but the Power of the will of the people to take a real stand.
We are a Revlutionary Black Nationalist Militia Organization with an Afrikan-Centered Indeology.
You want to know why we need a Black Militia?
When you have young Black Males Being killed like what happen in sanford Fla,Black Men still being draged to death behind trucks that says something is wrong here and weak Black Leaders dont want to stand up for real.
Thats why you have a New Black Militia now in the 21st.Centuary.

Black Power Liberation: What Does It Means?
To Define:What we know in the Best Interest to liberate Black People!
To Develop:What we know in the Best Interest to Empower Black People!
To Defend: What we know in the Best Interest to Arm Black People in Self-Dfense

On the Behalf of the National Central Liberation Committee,We say to you we welcome you into the Strongest,the Coldest the Boldest In what 
Amerika has not seen in 45 years.

You that our Interested you have chosen to join a Revolutionary Black Nationalist Militia,with a leader like Minister Na'jee Muhammad that was Train
By Dr.Khallid Abdul Muhammad his Mentor and His Top Student.

The course,and the choice you have made will lead you to a totally different view of yourself and the World  as you see it now.
The decision you have made will be a life changing one!
It will be the beginning of the greatest opportunity around for you to make a great change for the liberation of your people and the 
oppressed people of the earth.

It will give you the chance to grow Physically,Mentally,and Spiritually,in this worlds life.
The New Black Militia takes pride in being able to offer you a wealth of Information,and Inspiration,to assist you in your personal Journey and in building of a stong Black Militia Force to defend the Black Nation!

We the New Black Liberation Militia,National,Regional,Local Command Base are currently organizing for the benefit of our people in this city,Region,
Nation and all over the Earth. To this end,Scientifically and consistently organize to redeem our people and ourselves.
We as a National Regional,Local Militia strive for Black Unity and Black Solidarity with other Black organizations worldwide.




     National Liberation Staff
   National Min.of Defense
         Min.Dawah Yisrael

                TL.General                               Min.Hashim-Bey 

  National Command Center
  National Commander
 Min.Prince Na'jee  Muhammad
 Local Command & Regional Post

Mid-West Regional Min. of Defense

Khallid-Bey (216)321-1713)
Dallas TX
Local Commander
New Berry SC
NationalField Marshall
Bro.Thomas X
Regional Youth Minister



The Devlopment Stages For A Liberated People

The New Black Power Liberation Movement

All NBLM Members must Master Levels of Power as a Reserve Militia
Component Member.
The Final levels Depend on the Qualities Displayed in the Indivdual,Their Full Time Support,And Their Abilty To See The Whole Picture.

The Final Phaze of Trainig is Having The Ability To Run An Organization On An International Level.

Each Command Post is Self Lead with National Linkage.
This Reference Is Based On Continual Bloodline Lineage of Power And The Preserving of Knowledge For The Purpose of Determining Destiny Through Indivdual,Group,National,And World Control By & For Afrikan People As Practice And Taught Through The World Empowerment Structure!



All  member of the 101St.Militia Regiment, you will be trained to overcome the toughest challenges and gain the confidence and skills to overcome impossible odds.  While the 101Militia Regiment is composed of a multitude of Military Occupational Specialties, from its extraordinarily proficient light infantrymen to its Black world when you are accepted into the Regiment, you know you are surrounded by only the most professional, skilled, and hand-picked Soldiers that was In The US. Army has to offer.

Regardless of your profession, the 101St. Militia Regiment trains all its members in the skills required to be an New Black Militia.  Both Soldiers and officers undergo rigorous training prior to assignment that ensures that every Militia Member is mentally and physically tough enough to uphold the standards of the Regiment and, when finally arriving at their unit, can operate with minimal integration as part of a cohesive Militia force In there City. 


Every volunteer for the regiment, from every new recruit to every officer and any senior leader selected to command in the regiment, will go through the The NBLM Assessment and Selection Program to assess their ability and provide the basic skills required to be an effective member of the 101ST.Militia Regiment.

For new soldiers, that has conducted after applicants successfully complete their basic Military Occupational Specialty course and graduate from the Course Militia Orientation Bootcamp School).  For soldiers, both enlisted and officer, who have successfully completed their first tour of Training, and meet the National Staff qualifications, as of date will be scheduled upon application and conditional acceptance to the 101st.Militia Regiment.

Upon completion of Training, regardless of  your Militia career of Saving your People, you will have demonstrated that you have what it takes to be a New Black Liberation Militia and will be assigned to the 101st.Militia Regiment. 


This course is taught to all  students and continued upon assignment to Militia battalions.  It teaches critical first aid and advanced combat lifesaver procedures.  Regardless whether a Militia is a medical professional or not, this advanced medical course gives every Member the skills necessary to treat and save lives.  Continuing to set the example, this course has become the basis for all Combat Lifesaver Courses taught in the US Army.